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Zimbabwean Companies Urged To Tap Into The Zambian Market

Zimbabwean Companies Urged To Tap Into The Zambian Market

Zimbabweans companies have been urged to tap into the Zambian market that has enjoyed steady growth in the past twelve months following the election of president Hakainde Hichilema.

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Zambia, Charity Charamba told The Herald that local firms must take advantage of the existing cordial bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and Zambia to maximise trade.

She made the remarks after more than 30 Zimbabwean firms took part at the 94th Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show (ZACS), which ended on Monday.

Lienne Shonhiwa, the founder of ManeTain Organics which is into the production of natural hair products, said ZACS had been such an “amazing experience”. She said:

There are so many opportunities in Zambia and my experience here is that small businesses can tap into that market.

These are some of the opportunities that we have to definitely grab by the horns as Zimbabweans, as youth, and as small businesses.

Trade development and promotion body, ZimTrade, facilitated the participation of the local firms. The Zimbabwe Pavillion was awarded the Best Recognition to International Exhibit.

Some of the local products on display included those from large firms such as Dairiboard, Tanganda, Cairns, Zimplow, Agricura, Windmill, AE Electricals, and Turnall as well as those from small to medium enterprises such as Good Hope Leather Products, Das Foods, Millenium Footwear, Bernard Remegious, and Triple Tee Footwear.

Ambassador Charamba said some of the visitors and buyers that came to the Zimbabwe Pavilion “had actually indicated that they want our companies to set up base in Zambia”.

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factos 1 month ago

Vote Chamisa and do away with madalaz party
then Zimbabwe will be good again.

See Zambians believed in HH and now they're enjoying the fruits notwithstanding there were some who favoured Lungu like how bootlickers of Zimbabwe still believes in ED

Musokuwaya 1 month ago

I think we should be ashamed

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