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Zimbabwean Athlete Forfeits R50 000 In Durban Despite Winning Race

Zimbabwean Athlete Forfeits R50 000 In Durban Despite Winning Race

Zimbabwean long-distance runner Isaac Mpofu was on Sunday disqualified by the Athletics South Africa (ASA) and forfeited R50 000 in prize money during the Durban International Marathon despite winning the race.

Mpofu had won the 42.2km run in 2:10:04 but was disqualified as he was about to be declared the winner for having one licence number.

The Zimbabwean was disqualified because he had one licence number which was placed in front of his vest but there was nothing on the back of his shirt at the finish line.

According to ASA rules, participants of the Durban International Marathon had to have two licence numbers on the day.

As a result, Mpofu was disqualified for violating the rules, and South African runner Tumelo Motlagale was declared the winner.

Motlagale had finished second behind Mpofu having clocked 2:11:15.

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aaaa 1 month ago

plz ipai munhu mari take hant ahwina

Chamisa chete chete 1 month ago

Murombo haarove chinenguwo.

buddmunn 1 month ago

**** mupei mari yake musamake nyika

Uhuru 1 month ago

saka aifanira kuisa video camera kumas**** here kut azive kut iriko? he's solely responsible pane yekumberi nekut anenge achiionakaa nhai magents!

mutadza 1 month ago

havachatidi period

Asalif 1 month ago

yaaah why don't you just ban us zvese


tha_data_ninja 1 month ago

ndapera strong

kumas**** 1 month ago


BUOY 1 month ago

ndanga ndatoti ndahwinha kwaakunditi hauna chimwe chinumber kumas**** ­čĄą­čśş­čśş­čśşkwaakutondinyima mari mufunge

dira riite kurasikira sahwira­čŹ║

Jah­čç┐­čç╝Tsvarie-07 1┬ámonth ago

Today i was watching kick boxing between a Brazilian and a Zulu boy from South Africa and found myself supporting the Brazilian who beat the hell out of the devil South African guy ­čśé
it was a draw match in the end nxxh

I hate South Africa and its citizens with my life...

Anonymous 1 month ago

you shouldnt say zimbabwean or south african... just say a racer

Isaac M 1 month ago

After 42km haaa dira hako rizare shamwari­čśę­čĄĺ­čś┐

truth 1 month ago

izvi zvakutoda kunwira imomo,coz 42km ma1

ABSA 1 month ago

Wy they didn't tell him before he started the race

Greg 1 month ago


Anyway shut down Zimbabwe on May 9

Greg 1 month ago


Anyway shut down Zimbabwe on May 9

Patriotic One 1 month ago

Why wasn't he disqualified from the race before he had even participated? That's the reason why even in soccer you see referees checking the bottoms of the players' shoes and the nets on the goalposts. If say they find the nets not intact they call for the change of the nets or stop the match altogether if they don't find an alternative

Observer 1 month ago

Now if I was second in and declared the winner, I would give the money to the disqualified winner out of respect for winning.

Thanos 1 month ago

Nekuti mu Zimba, if it where South African rules would have been relaxed

tha_data_ninja 1 month ago

we can never know for sure my guy

Addy 1 month ago

l am an athlete l can feel the pain

Tatmav 1 month ago

Shame my wrk mate

luckrose 1 month ago

imagine at the finishing line uchitoti ndono cover zvipande boom chimwe chi number wasiya munzira

luckrose 1 month ago

some rules ah ****

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Rules are rules why should they be bent to suit an individual.

Mangethe 1 month ago

But y .y

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