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Zimbabwean Academic Delta Ndou Appointed Rubicon Group CEO | Full Text

Zimbabwean Academic Delta Ndou Appointed Rubicon Group CEO | Full Text

Cape Town-based Zimbabwean media academic and consultant, Delta Ndou, has been appointed the chief executive officer of Rubicon Group with effect from 4 April 2022.

Ndou will be responsible for the setting up of three new publications in Eswatini, Eswatini Financial Times (EFT), Eswatini Daily News (EDN) and Eswatini Sunday News (ESN).

Pindula News publishes the statement issued by Rubicon Group on Ndou’s appointment in full:

The Board of Rubicon Group has the pleasure of appointing Cape Town-based Dr Delta Milayo Ndou as Chief Executive Officer to steer the setting up of three media titles, namely Eswatini Financial Times (EFT).

Eswatini Daily News (EDN) and Eswatini Sunday News (ESN). The appointment is with effect from April 04, 2022.

Dr Ndou brings a wealth of expertise to this role, having served in various roles of senior leadership over the past 15 years.

She has held managerial roles across sectors such as telecommunications, civil society, academic and print media where tasks such as re-packaging, online engagement, writing, editing, commissioning of stories and content creation were her daily responsibilities.

Her capabilities include extensive print journalism, social media, online journalism and digital storytelling experience.

Dr Ndou is a widely respected and high-level consultant whose international work experience includes serving as a Manager at SAGE Publications in the United Kingdom, as an Internet Freedom Fellow in Switzerland, and as a Global New Media Fellow in the United States of America.

“Rubicon Group is at the cusp of lounching three exciting media entities and we are delighted to have Dr. Ndou steering the ship.” said Rubicon board chairman, Daniel Muller “We are confident that with her on board, Rubicon is better positioned to deliver media products and titles that will transform the media landscape regionally and beyond. As a Board, we look forward to working with the team she will recruit to lay a foundation for the kind of content factory that can provide information which strongly resonates with and is tailored at key and varied audience segments”

The appointment of Dr Ndou follows a thorough recruitment process overseen by a dedicated global headhunter, which saw a wide variety of exceptional candidates being placed under consideration and vetted.

Our priority was and always will be to hire the right people and we believe Dr Ndou has what it takes to position Rubicon to win because of her experience, qualifications, skills, deep knowledge of the media and understanding of Southern Africa’s media context.

As the Board, we are prepared to dedicate the necessary resources, avail the appropriate technology and infrastructure, as well as recruit the best talent.

We have no doubt that under Dr Ndou’s leadership, our media products will soon become strong and influential brands” said Mr Muller.

Dr Ndou holds a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Cape Town and is a Sussex University media graduate with advanced professional media skills and tactical expertise that have earned her international recognition in blogging, new media activism and Social media advocacy.

She is a strong leader with a proven track record of developing diverse and high performing teams in news organizations and in media campaign contexts.

She is regarded as a formidable strategist who has executed highly impactful consultancy work for international NGOs including UN Women, Mercy Corps and International Republican Institute (IRI).

Rubicon Group is at the cusp of launching three exciting media entities and we are delighted to have Dr Ndou steering the ship.

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Naison Manyadze 1 month ago

Thumbs up to you my dear. You have been offered to control the organization but I also would like you to put Him in front of you. Jesus Christ because it's him who has chosen you among all men. Be blessed and live everything in his hands.

Chanaz 1 month ago

congrats daughter if the soil

Never 1 month ago

Amhlope Zim Girl. Keep safe.

BRANDON 1 month ago


😴 1 month ago

Congratulations but you are nolonger safe any more in SA. The people are simply full of raging hatred or jeolous when it comes to Zimbabweans who ride hight. Better move to Eswatini or to some other place.
We remember Mayor Matongo MHSRIP.

Charlie Charlie. 1 month ago

Sando dzako mwanasikana....kana zvanaka kuno kumusha udzoke utibatire bssa

Matapatira 1 month ago

congratulations Dr.Ndou

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