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Zimbabwe Would Not Have Been This Chaotic If Joshua Nkomo Was Alive, Says Coltart

Zimbabwe Would Not Have Been This Chaotic If Joshua Nkomo Was Alive, Says Coltart

Former Minister of Education, David Coltart, said that if the late former Vice President, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, was alive today, Zimbabwe would have not experienced the crises it is currently facing.

Coltart said Nkomo was a strong and noble character and would have not allowed the country to degenerate to its current status.

Speaking about Nkomo in a Twitter space hosted by CITE on Friday, 1 July to commemorate the late nationalist’s life, Coltart said:

It is hard to imagine that he would have allowed the chaos that started after his death in 2000.

He was a very strong man, who always spoke his mind and one believes that he would have asserted his authority to make sure that courts were not undermined in the way they were and that violence did not visit us again.

For such an icon, he was an incredibly humble man and I believe that his death in 1999 was a tragedy not just for his family, close friends and political comrades but was a tragedy for the entire nation.

He spoke out against the violence in the 1980s and he was one of the greatest leaders of Zimbabwe.

It’s important that we remember the values that he stood by and seek to reinject them into our body politic into Zimbabwe again.

Nkomo died of prostate cancer on 1 July 1999 at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. He was 82 years old at the time of his death.

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Naruto 1 month ago

The nation must learn to stop this habit of thinking the what ifs and what nots if a person was still alive or not.
That's the only way we can move forward as a nation.
The Dead are dead and there's absolutely nothing they can do for anyone except be dead. Only the living bear consequences to the fate of being alive so let's prioritise the living

Pops AKA the Technician 1 month ago

yes you are 💯% ... correct....its as if the living can't make it...the dead are dead and there is nothing they can do but to remain dead.. let's change the steering and see the outcome,2023 a season of change

Miss A 1 month ago

Very true

Jimmy mapross 1 month ago

Shaaa akatofa ko shiri ikahokita wani

Nkust 1 month ago

And besides iye nkomo wacho ndiye aizorarama nekusingaperi here kana kuti pacho paaizofa pakakodzera according to his opinion zvaizofamba sei

Carr Saunders 1 month ago

Dai Grace achiri first Lady tingadai tirikudya Alpha & Omega icecream.

van zilikazi 1 month ago

too late now to include Nyongolo

kule 1 month ago

The real father Zimbabwe. If it wasnt for Mudhala Wethu, there would have been no Econet and obviously no free Pindula. Vanoziva chokwadi manzwa.

Fed Up 1 month ago

Even if he was alive, he would have been dead by now😢😢😥

Kule 1 month ago

Zvakafira pakusarudza kuita home affairs minister mnhu achinzi ita president so he was absolutely going to change nothing


Kacha kacha 1 month ago

Father Zimbabwe okaNyogolo Mnqabuko Nkomo qhawe lethu konakele elizweni baba abantwana bayalila..

Da Truth 1 month ago

Nkomo pamberi na Nkomo vamwe vakafa rini munovarumbidza wani vasina chinemsoro chavakaita wani .Nkomo Icon ,Ian Smith chibaba ,zvipi haaaaasaaaassssss aaaaaaaaaa 👽👽👽👽👽

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Gweja dzoka kumba iwe Mai vako vari kudana

realistic 1 month ago

even if Nkomo was alive there was absolutely nothing he could have done since he was just a figure head in Zanu pf.

bigsam 1 month ago

lala ngokuthula

ghetto 1 month ago

birds of the same plumege pelamborate in thesane proximity

Tkt 1 month ago

Inyoni iyafa kuphela, kkkk he wouldn't have made it to this year totaling 104yrs, haaa maya dai akafa kare uti but anyway
Lala ngokuthula qhawe lesizwe, qhawe lamaqhawe wonke

chagara 1 month ago

@umdala wethu has a strong and viable legacy than Mugabe or Ed

Da Truth 1 month ago

The best statesman sofar Ian Smith and Nkomo ,Tsvangirai zvimwe iiiiiiiiiii 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🇿🇼


I agree with Advocate David Coltart that the late former Vice President Joshua Nkomo was of high values. I do not disagree with Advocate Coltart that violence stated in the 80s and judiciary was captured in the 2000s.

But I expected Advocate David Coltart to have gone ahead giving his recommendations on how to stop the violence which still persists and how to unshackle the captured judiciary.





sugar boy 1 month ago

he was going to do nothing what was he going to do.

herod 1 month ago

was too lenient for the gugurahundi leaders and they ended up killing him in Harare ,never died on cancer

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