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Zimbabwe Warned Against Deporting Mengistu, Former Ethiopian President

Zimbabwe Warned Against Deporting Mengistu, Former Ethiopian President

David Nyekorach Matsanga, a Ugandan Lawyer, Investigative Journalist and Conflict Resolution expert has warned Zimbabwe against deporting Ethiopia’s former President Mengistu Haile Mariam saying that might spark civil unrest in the two countries.

Mengistu was sentenced to death in 2008 in absentia after fleeing to Zimbabwe in 1991 following his ouster. He was charged with genocide, homicide, illegal imprisonment and property seizures.

Zimbabwe is being accused of refusing to extradite Mengistu.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador Frederick Shava, recently denied those remarks saying “if the people of Ethiopia approach the government of Zimbabwe, appropriate steps will be taken by the Government of Zimbabwe in response to the request, to the legitimate request from the government of Ethiopia.”

He said Zimbabwe was “not harbouring Mr. Menguistu, we have allowed Mr. Mengistu to stay in Zimbabwe since he fell out with his people in Ethiopia. It was not a conspiracy, everybody knew he was coming here with his family.”

The discovery that a Rwandan national, Protais Mpiranya who was wanted for his alleged involvement in the 1994 genocide has been in Zimbabwe for years, before his death in 2006, seems to have reignited calls for Mengistu to be deported.

Now, Matsanga, a former Ugandan rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army spokesperson and a ZANU PF public relations consultant, thinks it would be a huge mistake for the southern African country to extradite Mengistu. In an article published first by ZBC News, Matsanga:

And the Zimbabwe Government must stand against this move that is likely to plunge both Zimbabwe and Ethiopia into the abyss and crevasse of regime change in Zimbabwe and another civil war in Ethiopia, which will be catastrophic to both countries that are yet to emerge from the dust and the ravages of sanctions.

To scratch and chafe old wounds will only bequeath pain, anguish and suffering to a country which is still struggling to recover from the wounds of a civil war created and supported by the same western nations.

And to borrow from Francis Imbuga’s “Betrayal in the City”- When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind, it is not enough to say the man is mad. For over three decades, Zimbabwe did not extradite Mengistu, and it wasn’t out of madness, but keen consideration of the sequel of such a move.

That’s the leaf that we must borrow from. Mengistu helped in the liberation of Zimbabwe by supplying military equipment and the Western nations have not forgiven him and not they want to use backdoor diplomacy to do so.

He echoed the sentiments of Zimbabwe’s late former Information Minister, Tichaona Jokonya, who told VOA in 2009 that Mengistu fled to Zimbabwe not as a fugitive, but as a refugee.

Jokonya, back then, said the United Nations 1954 Geneva Convention protects refugees in the country they flee to.

Matsanga urged Zimbabwe to interrogate the sincerity of those pushing for Mengistu’s extradition, “is it being done in good faith? The answer is no, it is not.”

Matsanga claims former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn who made unsuccessful attempts to have Mengistu extradited back to Ethiopia paid the latter a courtesy call in Harare after resigning as Prime Minister.

For him, it’s a sign that Desalegn was never serious about Mengistu’s deportation.

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zacc driver 1 month ago

Part One

The NSSA Looting Debacle gone wrong.

As has been in the public domain for sometime the grand looting at an industrial scale continues.

ZACC camped at NSSA for the past weeks investigating the sleaze, theft and misuse of public funds by the NSSA board and management.

How does a whole board decide to go on a holiday in Kenya fully funded by pensioner money? Trying to disguise it as a neccesary training is ridiculous and insulting to the poor widows, orphans and underpaid pensioners wallowing in poverty, as the fat cats feast on their toil.

Its a shocking that a board made up of a commissioner from the Public Service Commission, a Chief Director from the Ministry of Labour, trade unions, a pensioner representitive and supposed professionals would agree to be plunged into such a corrupt mess. Greed and the love for freebies will be the end of them. Why Kenya, Mombasa to be specific? It becomes worrying when public funds are misspent like this.

The trip, like the local unending ones is just a waste of money designed to fund extravagant egos. Surely is there any need for a board to visit each and every property owned by NSSA across the country? What value does that add to anything?

It is disappointing that Min Mavhima seems to be the one compromised and clears, approves, facilitates and participates in the plundering of pensioners' money with reckless abandon.

The issuing of vehicle loans to executives at NSSA must be investigated, the out-of-this-world off payroll benefits in cash, such as housing allowances must be investigated. Is it right for Arthur Manase to get a housing loan of USD750 000 and continue to recieve a US$2 500 housing allowance monthly? Whats the allowance for when he already has the house? So basically he is getting the house for free if NSSA is giving him the allowance to service the loan.

Can it be proper for the NSSA top executives to get loans ranging from US$ 60 000 to $100 000, then all get the latest landrover discovery cars as company cars after getting the loans, all courtesy of the underpaid pensioner? This is wrong.

How many vehicles is each employee supposed to have? How many are issued to Arthur Manase? 5 cant be allowed.

Turning to Arthur Manase, where do we start?

The man is a walking definition of corruption. He is looting NSSA at a scale never seen before. He has appointed cronies to key positions and made sure the key posts of FD, head audit, head procurement are not filled and run by acting personal appointments, handpicked by him.

All the scandals can be traced back to this arrangement. The former head of procurement was removed after he refused to comply with unlawful instructions that contravened the procurement laws, he Charles Nyika can testify to it, ZACC are free to investigate.

A new head of procurement was employed, again he did not last 3 months as he queried the multiple illegal and criminal instructions he was getting and his contract was terminated, again, he can be interviewed and has a treasure trove of files and documents he can avail, if ZACC is interested.

The former head of properties Francis Nyambiri was again terminated for refusing to yield to unlawful instructions from Manase.

The former head of audit, Nyakonda, was again unceremoniously transferred to an obscure post as he resisted unlawful instructions from Manase. He too can be interviewed by ZACC or the Corporate Governance Unit. He has a lot of information to share.

The FD position is a key function for any organization, moreso one of NSSA's size and strategic importance. Corporate governance demands this key role be filed expeditiously when ever a vacancy occurs. NSSA is approaching 4 years without one.

Interviews where held by the illegal 2 man board of Bvumbe and Matorera (again a forensic audit is neccessary and a review of all their actions and resolutions is necessary as a lot of illegalities took place), and there was a winning candidate, but Manase, using Mavhima thwarted it. He didn't like someone he couldn't control. The current board has been incentivized not to see the glaring corporate governance issues at NSSA. Interesting what local trips, sleeping in expensive hotels, suits, laptop bags, iPads can do to influence people.

The position has been held by young and clearly out of their depth junior employees. The whole department is run by acting people. The deputy directors in finance are also acting, including the FD. This is a serious matter. But is designed for the smooth signing and processing of illegal non-payroll benefits and other clandestine payments like the trip to Kenya, payments to preferred suppliers, inducements to politicians and board members.

The payment of board fees and other payments to former boad members and the packages signed off by the 2 man board that pays astronomical yearly holiday allowances of US$15 000 per director, and ridiculously high unlimited school fees for the same directors and their deputies running into millions of US$ per year, yet pensioners, widows and orphans cry daily over the pittance they get from the fat cats.

Arthur Manase employed an incompetent, inexperienced and young politically exposed person who is a daughter-in-law of a certain politician who is a minister and her husband, who is also a high ranking politician as a way to seek political cover, as the company secretary at deputy director level. She was promoted unilaterally to be a full director within 4 months of employment. The results are telling like the recent Kenya trip of shame and scandal. She doesn't even take minutes in the board meetings, she brings an assistant to do that as she fiddles on her phone continuously through the meetings. She also doesn't attend to board committees either. She was given a personal loan of just under US$100 000 to buy her husband a brand new Toyota prado, compliments of the underpaid pensioners, widows and orphans.

Manase has employed his team of hangers-ons from the RBZ and filled his office with them. Including a husband and wife team. Such a naked shame and display of corruption.

Manase has violated the Banking Act by illegally seconding NSSA staff to the boards and management of NBS, a bank. Some positions in banking institutions require fitness and probity clearances by the banking regulator but NSSA just seconds people to the bank willy nilly without those clearances. They do as they please but these shareholder interferences led to the banking crises of yeasteryear, lest we forget.

The bank's board is full of non-independent directors instead of the other way around. Its stuffed by Manase’s cronies and associates. The chairman Mutumbwa is a NSSA lawyer of record, a glaring conflict. The RBZ seems complacent and compromised as they rubber stamp and approve these irregularities.

NBS hasn’t had a substantive MD for two years now, again its run by an Acting MD as is seemingly becoming Manase’s preferred scenario so that he continues to run the Bank from his office through his Executive Assistant, one Victor Manyowa. Victor himself has been richly rewarded with cars and a housing loan.

Manase has literally turned NBS into a NSSA department as he has seconded NSSA employees to occupy key management posts at NBS, including a "Strategic Assistant to the MD", thereby capturing and running the bank via a parallel structure. This enabled him to orchestrate a raid on the bank and seize computers ftom management and held them hostage for over 10hrs in April 2021. They downloaded all the information from the computers, harassed the bank's employees and conducted an illegal audit of a running housing tender, violating the Banking Act and the Procurement Act. The RBZ was informed of this breach via a letter by the bank's acting MD, but seems because Manase worked at RBZ, nothing was done, the RBZ ignored this. The affected employees are available and ready to testify to ZACC, RBZ or the Corporate Governance Unit in the OPC.

The NSSA employees are still working at NBS up to this day. So anyone banking with NBS better know that their information is not protected as NSSA can access it at anytime, as has been done before, that the bank is run by NSSA via its proxies, not just on the board, but its management and even junior staff. So banking at NBS is literally banking with NSSA!

End of Part One.

sugar boy 1 month ago

murderous people will keep each other

shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

that's why this country is in shambles and the people are so divided and suffering..

Tateguru 1 month ago

Ho ndipo pakabva Zita rokuti Matsanga apa nhai?

Machiavelli 1 month ago

No, Matsanga as used in Mozambique is a shorted name for Matsangaise, nom de guerre of Alphonse Dhlakama and loosely applied to his supporters who waged a war of attrition against FRELIMO after disputed elections in Mozambique

😖😖 1 month ago

saka ndiye baba vaFIEND and BLUE 🔵. ngavadzokere Ku itiopiya kwavo. ndiye fut chipangamazano cha ED. kupihwa zano rekuLooter. ****


Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Matsanga ari kunyepa uyo, munhu ngaadeportwe tione kuti pane chinoitika muZimbabwe here.

Da Truth 1 month ago

If you read my previous comment I spoke of this guy . Hiding a robbery, murder in your home is helping him in his work of destruction.Why Zimbabwe ichingo pindira kuvanhu vakaipa Kabila was short and he died in zimbabwe.Mengshtu is here in Marondera farming kkkkk.Gadhafi come to hide here when he was ousted noise from opposition and some deplomats sent him packing back home .We have a master of slaughtering people having been burried here kkkk and this Mastanga arikuti muroyii uyu aramba Ari muno hazviiti ngaende kwake .Yakawanda ma zimba ndosaka mweya wekuuraya wazara muno mweya unotevera munhu wawo.

Sir 1 month ago

Ummmm iwe taura zvaunoziva iwe

??? 1 month ago

kana asina mhosva ngaadzokere kumba kwake inga maZimba Ari kudzorerwa wani. Apa hazvishamisi atorine mapurazi gumi

??? 1 month ago

kkk chokwadi zanu is something else, their days are numbered

ABSA 1 month ago

who else is here on wanted,tell us Zanupf it seems you are good in keeping war criminals

👽👽👽 1 month ago

Hitira Rudholf arimuno futi Na Rhodes kumatipozi

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