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Zimbabwe: Value Of Exports In April 2022 Increases To US$587.3 million

Zimbabwe: Value Of Exports In April 2022 Increases To US$587.3 million

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) has announced that the value of total exports in April 2022 was US$587.3 million, signifying an increase of 5.3% from total export earnings of US$557.6 million in March 2022.

The agency also announced that during the same period, imports decreased by 10.7% to US$637.2 million from US$713.8 million in March 2022.

ZIMSTAT produces the monthly summary of External Trade Statistics report using data on merchandise statistics from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and secondary statistics from companies and trade organizations. In a report, seen by Pindula News, ZIMSTAT said:

Data for April 2022 shows that Zimbabwe’s main exports were semi-manufactured gold (30.1%), nickel mattes including platinum group of minerals (PGMs) (22.8%), nickel ores and concentrates (14.7%), tobacco (11.5%), industrial diamonds (5.0%), ferrochromium (4.7%), platinum unwrought or in powder form (2.4%) and coke and semicoke (1.4%).

During the month of April 2022, the country exported 2 963 kilogrammes of semi-manufactured gold valued at US$176.9 million, compared to 2 200 kilogrammes valued at US$135.5 million in March 2022. In the same month of April 2022, the country exported 1,150.1 tonnes of nickel mattes valued at US$133.9 million, compared to 1,009.5 tonnes valued at US$110.2 million in March 2022. Besides the major minerals usually exported, Zimbabwe also exported 103 kilogrammes of industrial diamonds valued at US$29.2 million in April 2022, compared to 148 kilogrammes valued at US$45.2 million in March, 2021.

ZIMSTAT added that Zimbabwe’s major imports remained mineral fuels and mineral oil products which stood at 22.1% in April 2022, compared to 17.1% in March 2022.

This was followed by machinery and equipment at 13.1% in April 2022.

Other imports in April 2022 included:

a). vehicles (8.3%),

b). electrical machinery (4.9%),

c). plastics (4.5%),

d). cereals mostly rice (3.6%),

e). animal and vegetable oils and fats (2.8%),

f). pharmaceuticals (2.7%),

g). paper and paper products (1.9%), and

h). fertilizers (1.6%). Notably,

According to the report, cereal imports increased from 1.7% in March 2022 to 3.6% in April 2022. Rice, which makes the bulk of cereal imports constituted 1.3% in March 2022 compared to 2.5% in April 2022. 

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Tateguru 3 weeks ago

I like the statistics, the increase in exports and the decrease in imports. The only problem I see is the quality of some imports.
Statistics should also give us the weight of imports, particularly cereals and the numbers and quality of electrical goods such as solar systems.
Most of what we are buying is junk

ABSA 3 weeks ago

With all these minerals we have i thought they wil make our economy better yet only the President and his colleagues are benefiting not our economy that is why they afford to hire private jet.

Freda 3 weeks ago

Yes mafigures tamaona saka who is benefiting from these proceeds

Asalif 3 weeks ago

they should have mentioned returns so that we see the production of exporters

truth 3 weeks ago

ko surplus inotaurwa nemkuru ndeipi ipapa. isn surplus is when exports exceed imports. apa ma imports akatowanda ka

Asalif 3 weeks ago

all those exports have no returns for the government so there is nothing to celebrate platinum pays 0% tax moreover it is the largest export and all other minerals are mined by our Chinese compatriots who export both the mineral and returns moreover our leaders are shareholders in the mines so it's 0% tax again , for coke it's a government company and the percentage is still low 0.1% and tobacco but the farmers and exporters are given the money at RBZ after dropping bloody tears

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