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Zimbabwe To Borrow US$1.4 Billion In 2022 To Fund Various Projects

Zimbabwe To Borrow US$1.4 Billion In 2022 To Fund Various Projects

The government of Zimbabwe has announced a plan to borrow ZW$146.8 billion (about US$1.4 billion) in 2022 to fund various infrastructure development projects.

This debt would add to the existing stock of US$13.7 billion, according to a paper on debt trends released Thursday.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube said the debt will be sourced through the issuance of government securities, utilisation of the International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) allocation and external loan disbursements.

The IMF SDRs were received in August as part of a big global package announced to stabilise the global economy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement on public debt was presented to Parliament Thursday along with the 2022 national budget. Ncube said:

On domestic borrowing, government will continue to issue Treasury Bills through the auction system for competitive pricing, as well as to improve accountability and transparency. The projected stable macroeconomic environment, characterised by low stable inflation, as well as, stable exchange rate is expected to spur the uptake of medium to long-term government securities by investors.

As part of deficit financing, the government will issue seven-year USD denominated Treasury bonds of up to US$100 million, to be listed on the Victoria Falls Securities Exchange (VFEX) during the first quarter of 2022, earmarked for specific priority infrastructure projects.

Government borrowing has in the past attracted criticism from stakeholders including the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD). 

ZIMCODD argues that the huge chunk of the country’s debt is due to corruption which goes unpunished.

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Tamy 5 months ago

Maoko emadhara anoita corruption arikuvava kutaura kudai

Tembo 5 months ago

Nxaa, ko mokwereterei, where is the surplus yamogara muchiimba

Jamal 5 months ago


Ini zvangu 5 months ago

Imbomirayi Mukomana apinde. Muri kuda kusiya matikoromorera zikwereti. Vanhu chenjerayi ma Nostro accounts enyu, they will be wiped at US$1:RTGS1.

Realist 5 months ago

True... One day Mthuli is going to wake up with a new currency that will be bullied at 1:1

Nkust 5 months ago

Ummm economist kana kty vakati dzidzei better placed to comment on this one

Native 5 months ago

Wat abt the billion bonds you were talking about the other day??...they don't buy?!


Greedy 5 months ago

Mak ftuda kutisiya tamuchikweretika imi


Greedy 5 months ago

Makuda kutisiya tamuchikweretika imi


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