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Zimbabwe Set To Miss Out On US$2 Million FIFA Windfall

Zimbabwe Set To Miss Out On US$2 Million FIFA Windfall

Zimbabwe is set to miss out on about a US$2 million annual injection from FIFA after the FIFA Congress overwhelmingly voted for the country to remain suspended from international football.

The FIFA Congress, which is a meeting of FIFA’s member states, on Thursday endorsed the suspension of Zimbabwe, Kenya and Pakistan during its meeting in Doha, Qatar.

A total of 199 members voted to endorse Zimbabwe’s suspension, after a motion introduced by FIFA president, Gianni Infantino.

Zimbabwe will not only fail to take part in the 2023 AFCON qualifiers, which get underway in June but will also miss out on the annual cash injection from FIFA, which has since been increased by 25 per cent. Said, Infantino:

A 25% increase means that, compared to 2016, when I arrived as FIFA president, each member association will now receive around US$8 million in a four-year period.

This corresponds to seven times more than what was the case before 2016.

A sevenfold increase of money goes where it has to go: into solidarity projects, football development projects.

This US$2.2 billion will go straight to the member associations’ development programmes.

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chemutengure 2 months ago

if you're a serious football supporter first remove zanu then you enjoy quality football maregional tournament munomatora muzimbabwe

Prishnado 2 months ago

ndozvinotaridza kuti bhora rezimbabwe was captured nezanu of remove zanu pf and have a good working system with international organizations

yukii 2 months ago

Ndomari one musokosoko wese ikuchemerwa navose vamuri kuwona vachirwidzana zvigaro zvekuZIFA.Yagara ichingo lootwa no benefit to soccer development but instead developing zifa executive members lives.....

Briza 2 months ago

Ngcono izidlele I fifa ngoba ngapha bazodinga imali yokuyidla, 1st bayitshintshela ku forex rate besebezidlela after

Baba Gumede 2 months ago

Thank you SRC for getting Zimbabwe banned by fifa , I have not seen any football development in Zimbabwe in the last 10 years because of poor administration at zifa.

doug 2 months ago

Reading what Kamambo and those at ZIFA are supposed to have done wrong, according to the laws, they should be locked away by now. It looks like someone or a group of people who wanted to be in control at ZIFA is/are making it difficult for Kamambo and team to run ZIFA and, having failed to get them out mid term, are just waiting for the end of term while the football stakeholders suffer in the process. I think FIFA knows that the offences Kamambo and team are said to have perpetrated demand jail time and will only stop supporting or protecting them when they are serving sentence.

Shadows 2 months ago

Plz src do something. How far with those allegations against kamambo. If its true ngavharirwe. If not ngadzokere pabasa azobviswa nemaelection.we need football plz. Bt iwee kamambo uchaona kuti hausi mambo. Unoda kurohwa big tym. Makaro aro


doug 2 months ago

FIFA is not a NGO. Is it because no cut is given to government or the SRC, and Kamambo was not well connected that those who control sport but are not interested in football would rather have our football fail to develop in the name of fixing football? Well, they have really fixed it by the US$2 000 000.00 loss.

Mukwasha waED 2 months ago

haaa team iam heart broken was eyeing for that 2million for self help projects now iam bankrupt no deal

ndichatotsvaga basa kuZec mayb ndingakwana kwanawo

Kamambo 2 months ago

Mari yangu mai wheeeeeeeeeeee mlotschwa ka usadaroooooooooo.ndokuendera kun'anga chete uchamera bhora pamuromo

inini 2 months ago

vaidya Ndovanorwadziw ini ndototi dai vanatso kaura

x 2 months ago

brtter it be banned cause that 2million USD is getting into the hsnds of few individuals no development towards sport

vana Philip,Kenny mubayiwa,Chamu chiwanza are not top richest gurus as a result of abussing those Fifa grants

inini 2 months ago

haaaa mari yavaidya vega iyo

King Bosso III 2 months ago

Zimbabwe yamama manje no more football development in the country . the grassroots will suffer the most especially school kids

King Bosso III 2 months ago

Zimbabwe yamama manje no more football development in the country . the grassroots will suffer the most especially school kids

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