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Zimbabwe Republic Police Reassigns Top Cops

Zimbabwe Republic Police Reassigns Top Cops

The Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Tandabantu Godwin Matanga, has reassigned three senior police officers.

ZRP national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi announced the changes in a statement issued this Thursday. Reads the statement:

The Commissioner General of Police, Tandabantu Godwin Matanga has effected the transfer of some senior officers in the Zimbabwe Republic Police in order to ensure that the Police Service achieves its constitutional role of providing quality services to the public in line with the country’s Vision 2030.

  • Commissioner Makodza Erasmus is now the Chief Staff Officer (Human Resources,)
  • Commissioner Nyabadza Patson is now the Officer Commanding Police (Bulawayo Province,)
  • Commissioner Patton Mbangwa has been moved to Police General Headquarters.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates its commitment to ensuring that the malady of crime is tackled without fear or favour in the country.

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. 2 months ago

Does this mean anything?

ery 2 months ago

no1 resighned journalism yepasi pemuti iyo

c 2 months ago

CCC real change

dispenser 2 months ago

reassign !!! kugadza patsva ,kushifuta. kwete kubvisa kana kudzinga

ret 2 months ago

guys why most ppl are now using spectacles especially ppl who dwells in urban setuo,why kumusha we wont see more of these

Handizi John Chibadura 2 months ago

Office jobs- glaring at computers all day = strained eyes plus big bellies. Kumusha hakuna izvozvo

👮 2 months ago

Yes we know we are a disgrace.

Nyati 2 months ago

We operate with fear and favour, zvimwe tinongotaurawo nekuti ndizvo zviri mu Constitution.


vanotenga zvigumwe vauya 2 months ago


Kule Dhambi 2 months ago

Haa iwe Thandie tiitire kwazvo. Makavurawa ne overdose ye fear ne favour imwi aaaah 😆

i 2 months ago

saka zvorevakuti kubviswa muhupfu kupinzwa muflourka

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