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Zimbabwe Remove Import Licences Requirement For 7 Commodities

Zimbabwe Remove Import Licences Requirement For 7 Commodities

Zimbabwe has through Statutory Instrument (SI) 103 of 2022 issued Friday removed import licences for seven commodities in an apparent move to contain prices and increase product availability.

The new measures are also aimed at restoring macroeconomic stability, easing inflationary pressures and restoring the buying power of the local currency with the main thrust being to increase the local and external competitiveness of the economy. Pindula News presents the Government Gazette below:

Statutory Instrument 103 of 2022.

[CAP. 14:05 Control of Goods (Open General Import Licence) (Amendment) Notice, 2022 (No. 9)

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Industry and Commerce has, in terms of section 4(1) of the Control of Goods (Import and Export) (Commerce) Regulations, 1974, published in Rhodesia Government Notice No. 766 of 1974, made the following notice: —

1. This notice may be cited as Control of Goods (Open General Import Licence) (Amendment) Notice, 2022 (No. 9).

2. The Control of Goods (Open General Import Licence) (Amendment) Notice, 2018, published in Statutory Instrument 237A of 2018, is amended by the insertion of the following products to the Open General Import Licence (OGIL) —

(xxx) Sugar;

(xxxi) Milk powder;

(xxxii) Infants milk formula;

(xxxiii) Petroleum jelly;

(xxxiv) Bath soap;

(xxxv) Laundry bar; and

(xxxvi) Washing powder.

3. Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures will remain in force.

The latest developments are being made after the government suspended import duty for 15 basic commodities for the next six months.

These are:

  • i). Rice;
  • ii). Flour,
  • iii). Cooking Oil
  • iv). Margarine;
  • v). Salt;
  • vi). Sugar;
  • vii). Maize meal;
  • viii). Milk Powder;
  • ix). Infants Milk Formula;
  • x). Tea, whether or not flavoured;
  • xi). Petroleum Jelly;
  • xii). Toothpaste;
  • xiii). Bath Soap;
  • xiv). Laundry Bar; and
  • xv). Washing Powder.

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Chamisa junior 1 month ago

#Ngapinde hake mukomana

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Haaaa Even makadaro azvitadzise vanhu kuvhotera mkomana

getto yut 1 month ago

pekuvotera tiri kupaziva

gandangaguru 1 month ago

government has pressed panic button

Duroxism 1 month ago

Kwatabva ndiko kure. Kwatiri kuenda ndiko kwatabva

chipo 1 month ago



ABSA 1 month ago

They should suspend import duty for 5years You think by next 6months everything wil be normal..crazy

basic good dealer 1 month ago

economics dzdu dzinoti more imports will force local industry to withdrawal their goods and services
very soon you will realise that Zimgold oil will disappear in most local markets& you will experience influx of most foreighn products

pepsi ikuita dollar for 3,but a zambian drink rikuita 1dollar for 5

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Regai tione kuti zvinopera sei

farmer 1 month ago

we are i campaighning mode please vote wisely vote these goins out

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