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Zimbabwe Ranked Among 12 Most Advanced Countries In Africa

Zimbabwe Ranked Among 12 Most Advanced Countries In Africa

Zimbabwe has been ranked one of the 12 most advanced countries in Africa in 11th position, due to its gross income from the informal sector which sustains the country’s economy.

In a recent survey by Yahoo Finance, global economic analysts noted that Zimbabwe followed South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Botswana, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Namibia, Senegal and Tanzania.

The survey stated that Zimbabwe’s economy has been mainly boosted by the informal sector due to high rates of unemployment in the country, according to NewsDay. Said the survey:

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a landlocked South African country with a $38 billion gross domestic product (GDP). Its economy is primarily fuelled by the services sector, due to low levels of industrialization. These are economies that remain undocumented as their transactions are generally conducted outside the formal banking system, which keeps them off of the authorities’ radar.

The findings are consistent with the views of economist Edward Graham Cross (Eddie Cross) who said the informal sector “constitutes the majority of the Zimbabwean economy, and without this informal sector, our social economic situation would be much worse.” 

  1. Mudenda Urges Govt To Expedite Formalisation Of Informal Sector
  2. Mnangagwa Offers Title Deeds To Informal Settlers, Just Ahead Of By-elections

Statistics by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) show that Zimbabwe is the world’s second-largest informal economy, consisting of 64.1% of the economy, and second to Afghanistan. 

Economist Vince Musewe, however, told NewsDay that an advanced economy cannot be fuelled by the informal sector, adding that a country’s economy should be measured by its citizens’ standards of living.

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Dispenser 1 month ago

That's nothing other than hogwash. Not worth listening to.

citizen 1 month ago

you're correct, this is utter n.o.n.s.e.n.s.e.

seer 1 month ago

chiregai mweya wangu uzorore

Mr Green 🍏 1 month ago

advanced in unemployment 🤣🤣🤣

,,,, dott 1 month ago

Hatisikudzokera s**** pakuvakanyika, like it or nt nyika tichivaka step by step vote Cde Ed kuti tiwane ramangwana rakajeka

Shop assistance for ED 1 month ago

Do u remember headline of 2018 saying free education next yr, and kumbare tichakuvakirai ma swimming pool. Ndapedza nemi makuruwani

Jojola@07 1 month ago

@Pindula ..Zim is not a South African Country but a Southern African country

Southern 1 month ago

It's true we are not under apartheid rule and we will never be, so we are not part of south Africa, we have evolved under this authoritarian government

Tkt 1 month ago

Homie @07, usandi nyadzisa wanzwa ka?
What's wrong about that?
Huh, what's wrong about North-African, South-African, West-African or East-African?
Hapana hapana apo, chikuru manzwa kuti LANDLOCKED SOUTH AFRICAN
dai panga pasina landlocked uyo everything would be wrong there

1 month ago


1 month ago

So ikazopera kuvakwa yooo kkk it will be like Dubai
But I think bhiridha akabirwa trawel yekuvakisa

g 1 month ago

@dott utikwanire. ukusender **** yako kahobho kuti zviitesei. tsvaga fon kwayo kwete kutinyangadza pano

cde chipopi 1 month ago

Ivo vanhu varikutambura sezvavari kuita here izvi?

@dott and pik you are idhiyotsi 1 month ago

enemies of progress go hang nonsense dunderhead pple

1 month ago

So we are better than Nigeria.

Loved 1 month ago

It is only through selfish gains that we're having a large piece of informal sector in the economy. If there was unity like in China, we could have achieved vision 2030 long back , we could have been talking of another vision by now

Makalamba 1 month ago

Haaaa shiri inozongofa I Zimbabwe yatiri here or kwave neimwe portholes electricity shortage underpaid workers rise in unemployment only to name but a few this is the most corrupt continent on earth where even information is rigged

Shop assistance for ED 1 month ago

It's not rise in unemployment. Rather it's rise of informal sector, apparently.

Totito 1 month ago

Mukawona nyika ichifananidzwa ne Afghanistan, zivayi kuti zvakadhakwa.

rubbish 1 month ago

advanced in corruption theft no electricity no jobs no clean water no functional robots majority street vendors no proper public transport police no vehicles Chinese destroying the environment dont pay taxes prices of food increase multi currency country that u have to have Rtgs eco one money usd bond rands in byo..hahaha Itai mushe ana surveyor hahaha

People Of Various Opinions 1 month ago

It's an insult to our intelligence

1 month ago

Economist Vince Muswere is on point when he says the country's economy should be measured by the majority of the citizens' standard of living

CDE ****ReMaBhunu 1 month ago

Yaaa ukaona takuenzaniswa ne afghan kwema Taliban uko tiri pama1 chaiwo

****s 1 month ago

hazvina kudhakwa

Progressive Citizen 1 month ago

A country with its citizens all over the world.. How do they measure even the 38 billion with is not even banked. 3.3 million citizens have bank accounts of which most are not active.. So its just a mockery to our citizenry

Tateguru 1 month ago

Vatinyepera kuti (among), tinotori paNumber 2 or 3. Dai asiri maPothole neZesa tichitori mberi peNumber 1

chinondidya chii 1 month ago

yes Zimbabwe is one of most advanced in corruption

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