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Zimbabwe Police Deny Assaulting Lawyer, Say He Jumped Off Moving Vehicle

Zimbabwe Police Deny Assaulting Lawyer, Say He Jumped Off Moving Vehicle

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has refuted reports claiming that lawyer Kudzayi Kadzere was assaulted by police officers whilst attending to some members of the opposition CCC who were arrested and detained at Budiriro 2 Police Station on Saturday, 14 January 2023.

In a statement, ZRP national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said Kadzere jumped off a moving police vehicle and sustained injuries. Reads the statement:


The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to set the record straight and clarify the exact position with regards to allegations of assault on lawyer, Kudzayi Kadzere by police officers.

It is a fact that the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)ÔÇÖs Costa Machingauta convened an unsanctioned gathering at house number 9293 Mvumba Crescent, Budiriro 5A, Harare.

The local Zimbabwe Republic Police station received information and reacted to the scene.

Police Officers observed that nearly 500 supporters had gathered for the meeting clad in their party regalia.

The supporters had blocked Mvumba Crescent, Dehwe Road, Magodo Road and Budiriro OK Rank.

This affected the movement of motorists and other members of the public who wanted to pass through.

The police officers engaged Costa Machingauta to disperse the supporters.

However, there was open resistance, with supporters chanting obscene and derogatory songs to the police officers.

In the process, the CCC youths went on to damage the doors of a certain house as they resisted arrest and allegedly stole a cellphone.

Twenty-four supporters were arrested. Costa Machingauta escaped arrest and later on handed himself to the police on 18th January 2023.

Suddenly Kudzayi Kadzere appeared on the scene in a private vehicle and clashed with the Police Reaction Group members who were taking the suspects to Budiriro Police Station.

Kudzayi Kadzere was then arrested for contravening section 46 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23. He was then put in the police truck.

In a bid to resist arrest, Kudzayi Kadzere jumped off the police truck. He sustained an injury on the right hand.

Police officers rearrested Kudzayi Kadzere and took him to Budiriro Police Station.

On arrival at the police station Kudzayi Kadzere openly declined to lodge a report against police officers.

He insisted that he was not assaulted by the police officers during the misunderstanding. Kadzere was then released to seek medical attention.

On the 15th of January 2023, Kudzayi Kadzere came back to Budiriro Police Station and had his warned and cautioned statement recorded.

On 17th January 2023, Kudzayi Kadzere changed his mind. He made a report of assault and theft at Budiriro Police Station.

This is despite the fact that he had initially declined to make a police report on the 14th of January 2023. The case is now under investigation.

It is clear that the information given to CCC members and later posted on social media platforms is tailor-made to suit a certain agenda whilst ignoring the real facts on the ground.

Kudzayi Kadzere knows the truth about what actually transpired between him and the police officers.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has engaged Kudzayi Kadzere from 14th January 2023 up to the time he decided to change his mind.

The public should take note that, what Kudzayi Kadzere said to the police and the information which he is allegedly giving to the media, his peers and CCC leadership are not consistent.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police reaffirms its readiness to interact and engage members of the legal fraternity in an open and transparent manner without facts being twisted to suit various agendas.

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3 days ago

Finish ,bashing pipo kusvika vadonha mumota ,this is serious beating

Ngondi 3 days ago

vanhu vanoona Nyathi takatonvao kumabook.

haiwawo 3 days ago


Vesto 3 days ago

.... just like Steve Bantu Biko slipped to his death on a bar of soap in a South African jail? Right?

.... and just as Joanna Mamombe et al 'self-kidnapped' themselves and stage managed their abductions?

Vestopsychosis 3 days ago

very unfortunate Vesto it will not work your CCC nonsense and the fact you are a paid CCC party cadre on the payroll to post bullshiiit is known.sorry wanyangira yakakuona uchipihwa briefing yekuita propaganda pano

Tintin 3 days ago

ZRP kana kutongonzi hayo Zollywood Republic Police...mafirimu ega ega

Stallion 3 days ago

vanoziva chokwadi ndiMwari vanhu venyama havavimbike kundifadza kwazvo ndekwekuti mutongi mukuru anoziva chokwadi dayi zvikanatsurudzwa iye anotonga chokwadi

Mainini 3 days ago

Inhema idzi vanyathi,makamurowa tokuziwai Zanu Republic Police


Graham 3 days ago

VaNyathi musadaro ko pane chamungabvuma here pane zvakaipa zvamunenge maita dai matonyarara henyu zvingave nani

3 days ago

The police has been quiet all this time cooking up this unbelievable story A lawyer resisting arrest and then jumping off a moving police vehicle being re-arrested then refusing to press charges against the police then changing his mind later What a load of h.o.g.w.a.s.h if you ask me

VYBZ KARTEL 3 days ago

Lies by the CCC movement has always been in their DNA even the leadership are drama queens.

The Adjudicator 3 days ago

@vibes Katero yu seem to hve a bee in yo bonet. Its not too late to visit a psychiatrist. I wonder how at yo age yu parade and such delusional fanaticism.Wake up and smell the coffee . We can not be told of our police brutality bt we know how wild they are when unleashed by this zanupf cartel.

VYBZ KARTEL 3 days ago

You want freedom then fight for it. Do not be a coward and play theatrics to get attention that will get you nowhere, crying and moaning won't get you anywhere.

Zimbabwe 3 days ago

we know yu


I want to challenge Police statement only on two points: [1] the number of people present at MP Machingauta's house [2] the claim that the learned Kudzai Kadzere jumped from the moving Police vehicle.

There was no serious disturbances described by Police which could have stopped the Police from arresting more accused than 24 they claim to have arrested at MP Machingauta's house. Police are hiding the truth. There were no 500 people at MP Machingauta's house.

[2] Police seem to have lied that the learned Kudzai Kadzere jumped from a moving Police vehicle unless they were assaulting him. I believe that the Police assaulted the learned Kudzai Kadzere and broke his hand when he was blocking Police Officers from assaulting him.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

patriot 3 days ago

zrp inonyepa hapana chingaite kuti the learned lawyer a fabricate story nokuti hapana chaanganyepere apa muri nukanganisa zanu pf honai mave kunzi zrp zvinoreva zanu republic police

3 days ago

God is watching

Douglas Mwonzora 3 days ago

Gara zviye team iri rine pa rakazombobvumawo here kuti apa tisuwo hedu tarova munh├╣?

opposite 3 days ago

nhaiwe nyathi unoti akajamba mu moving vehicle waivepo hre ukwane nyathi ne team rako taneta nehutsinye hwenyu zanu repabhuriki porisi

King 3 days ago

mabhurakwacha amanyengavana vene vayo

Responsible Citizen 3 days ago

Statement iyi kuzouya a week later,,why

Tintin 3 days ago

the directors of the movie were putting their final touches to make the script believable


Its pure hogwash , ZRP is lying why are they coming out with that statement after a week and half. The public has lost faith and trust in the law enforcement agencies.

Mazuva 3 days ago

Why did the police not complete a traffic incident report for someone who jumped off a moving vehicle? This would have included a statement by the injured party. The police completes a request for medical examination form for an injured accused or complainant. Why wasn't this done instead of releasing a person injured from the police vehicle to seek medical attention on his own? How would the police defend themselves if such a person would later claim and sue them for assault, as is now the case? What if the person had collapsed to death on police premises from injuries suffered whilst in police custody if police sent him off before treatment? By the way, if I'm not mistaken, the lawyer is also being charged for escaping from lawful custody. You have not indicated in your report, Assistant Commissioner Nyathi, at what stage the accused escaped from police custody.

Advocate 3 days ago

oh please... ZRP.. sometimes it is wise to keep silent

Observer 3 days ago

from the comments displayed here, methinx the ZRP Corporate image has been soiled.
it would be wise for ZRP to go back to the drawing table on order that they redesign how they interact with the public , politicians and those in power
it seems their current trajectory isnt working?
who the is going to protect us the ordinary citizenry from Police brutality?

dodo 3 days ago

nhy cde ko kunyarara kunei murivatsva here?

pk 3 days ago

ane bass reyi lawyer iyeye, hatishaye hope nekudashurwa kwake isu.

2 days ago

500 CCC members convene and never post pictures, ummm. How did the lawyer seek medical treatment without a police report

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