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Zimbabwe Pleased To Have Pan African Parliament Presidency Held On Rotational Basis

The African Union Council of Foreign Ministers has resolved that the Pan African Parliament (PAP) presidency will be held on a rotational basis.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Dr Fredrick Shava made the announcement while giving an update on resolutions made by a meeting held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia this Friday. He said:

This is a great achievement as we managed to stop the dominance of the West African countries and also set the date for the elections in November this year.

PAP is a platform for all African states to come up with possible solutions to problems and challenges facing the continent.

PAP Acting President Chief Fortune Charumbira described the development as “great” adding that it will see Zimbabwe making history if he is elected in the upcoming elections.

Legislator Barbra Rwodzi who made headlines after her unwavering stance on the need to follow guidelines said: “We are very pleased with the outcome and the fight is only over after we have held the elections and won.”

Since its inception in 2004 PAP Presidents have been from West and Central Africa but the new development will see countries from the SADC region and North Africa having their chance.

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