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Zimbabwe Planning To Pay 160 000 War Veterans Who Missed Out During 1997 Round

Zimbabwe Planning To Pay 160 000 War Veterans Who Missed Out During 1997 Round

The Zimbabwe government plans to pay one-off rewards and monthly pensions to a new batch of 160 000 war veterans, war collaborators and ex-political prisoners who missed out during the first round of compensation in 1997.

The timing of the announcement might be wrong considering that the country’s economy is heading south and also comes just months ahead of general elections next year, which will raise vote-buying concerns in some quarters.

In 1997, the government paid out unbudgeted lump sums of nearly ZW$50 000 (US$4 300 at the time) to war veterans following months of protests.

This led to the collapse of the local currency which has never recovered.

The Ministry of Defence and War Veterans Saturday said it had vetted 165 130 of 207 103 people who submitted applications for compensation in the latest round of calls and:

a). 144 200 were successful,

b). 20 930 had their compensation bids thrown out

c). 41 973 applications are still being considered.

Using the success rate, it is projected that over 162 400 people are in line for the new payouts.

The notice, seen by, says the names of those who were successfully vetted are set to be published in the government gazette.

Those who were unsuccessful can still appeal to the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Board within 30 days of publication.

Meanwhile, defence minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri said those who still wish to be vetted have until August 31, 2022, to submit details to the district and provincial offices of the Department of War Veterans Affairs.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube did not budget for the compensation in the current financial year, suggesting that any payments would be made in the new year.

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Gafa 1 month ago

@Blue kkkkk Zanu wave muroyi kwatiri chero vakatipa mari ma USD nhasi totozvishora becoz everything they try to please its too late.nopa munhu mari yake after 42yrs vangani vakafa vasina kuiona.Shut up yu ass leaker

mwana wevhu 1 month ago

Dear Zimbabweans

Do you know In 1997 when war vets were compensated they were 34000. Now the number has ballooned to 160 000. These people arent dying,they are multiplying in number.
Among the new 160 000 new War Vets 25% are below the age group of 55 years, meaning after independence by 1980 they were 12years old. Some were in Mozambique at the age 5Years.

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

Puppet of the West, CCC counter-revolutionary. You are a saboteur funded by imperialist America and Britain.

Why is it that you CCC people only see the wrong things about our progressive government?

Why shouldn't we pay the people who liberated this country?

Vote-CHAMISA 1 month ago

Old Age Allowances,

Stallion 1 month ago

vachavabhadhara vabva pakutonga payment should be before votes then vovhotera CCC handingavhoteri munhu akagara nechikwereti changu for the past 42 years hazviiti ndotora mari yangu ndovhotera pandinoda

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Vote buying well timed bt in nisi.We wl receive the money bt we know how to vote and who to vote for.We wont forget that we got arrested for simply asking for this little share which yu as re giving us now and some of us hve cases still pending at the courts.

Mujibha 1 month ago

They deserve these payments are long overdue. It was not easy removing the oppressors from power. Sleeping in the bush fighting for your country. Risking your life. Today you can own your own companies, farms and mines in a free Zimbabwe . This was only reserved for them. Thank you galant sons and daughters of soil. We will be forever grateful.


Mujumba 1 month ago

Hazvishandi izvo ma war veterans haasiwo anovhota uye vashoma saka I maths dzema**** kufunga kuti 1+4=14 mari inodyiwa mahara iyo kutowedzera moto

CDE 1 month ago

Tipei mari tiilaze 2023 Vote CCC.

Tateguru 1 month ago

Same value here neya 1997? Hondo yakaitika same years

Jessica Jackson 1 month ago

Pane nyaya.

Rundofa 1 month ago

iwe unengemkorokoza yaaa ndazviona....

...Vote CCC...

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

War vets are going to be paid nicely, US$.Remember next year 2023 free education for our kids😁😁😁😁.More goodies to come my Zimbabwean brothers and sisters kkkkkkk, and we also bought guns to protect you 😁😁😁?. ?.😁

😖😖 1 month ago

@ BRIE...... taura hako iwe. comment after payments.

BRIE 1 month ago

Vatogona vakati planning l will reserve my comment will comment when payments starts

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

@Brie, Totenda dzanwa dzaswera neB.enzi

2023 Ccc zviroto zviroto 1 month ago

ED pfee pfee pfee Viva Zanu Pf viva pamber nekubatana pamber nekuhwina maElections pasi nemhirizhonga pasi naChamisa

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

2030 ZANU pf will be celebrating 50 years of ruling Zimbabwe.

Leee 1 month ago

Guys uku kwakutsvaga mavotes manje ahhhh kkkkk

Tio4 1 month ago

zpf desperate yacho to remain in power whilst destroying everything, hakuna kwatirikuyenda ne these people. We need capable leaders like chamisa

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

While I recognize War Veterans as our heroes who fought on our behalf to unshackle us from the bondage of slavery, let me caution the Old People's Home government to handle this new war veterans compensation with atmost care. Our economy has never recovered from the collapse of 1997 when the first group of war veterans were compensated haphazardly.


ggg 1 month ago

mwari pindiraiwo hurumende inofungawo ere vanhu tr kufa nenzara munyika macivil servants ari kuchema tangai magadzirisa izvi asi kuda kuzovhoterwa

Lower 6 Gebhuza High 1 month ago

1)Investigate the effects of imports in the Zimbabwe s' economy (with aid of examples). (25)
2)Analyse and asses the effectiveness of import blocking measures currently being used in Zimbabwe. (25)

Pliz help guys

Chamisa junior 1 month ago

Come to my inbox ,ne700 eco

John Vuli Gate 1 month ago

Iwe wakubhowa manje, tsvaga zvekuita

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

ZANU inosizer, tangai mapa mateacher nemanurse mari.

Vote CCC for change

mchamama 1 month ago


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