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"Zimbabwe Paying For Neglecting Junior Football Development"

Zimbabwean football is experiencing a dearth of skilful players who can mesmerise fans and fill stadiums because junior football has been neglected for too long, interim ZIFA president Gift Banda has said.

Banda, the former Njube Sundowns owner, said junior football development has not received the attention it deserves despite financial support from FIFA. Banda said:

It really pains me, having been a football club owner before, who has promoted youngsters, some of whom are still playing today.

It’s a pity that we are not finding any juniors coming from the junior leagues.

Why is that so? It’s because we have never had a direct policy that supports junior football in Zimbabwe.

It’s so sad that even the grants that were coming (from FIFA) intended for junior football development never found their way to the intended target.

That’s why we find ourselves in the situation we are in now. We have disregarded junior football.

It’s non-existent except for a few football-loving individuals in Harare and Bulawayo who have kept junior football alive.

But from the association’s point of view, I would really like to urge my board members that we put a lot of effort in resuscitating junior football because this is where we are going to get the next Peter Ndlovus, the Moses Chungas and the people who mesmerised us during the yesteryears.

In terms of filling the stadiums, we no longer see the stadiums full these days.

The senior national team, the Warriors, lost two players in the last few months following the retirement of Khama Billiat and former captain Knowledge Musona.

Musona and Billiat were products of the Aces Youth Soccer Academy, one of the few institutions involved in nurturing talent.

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Chawabvunza 2 months ago

I see sense in what this Gift Banda says. In the past stadia opened at about 1000 hours. Citizens got in and enjoyed entertainment from club juniours from the under 14 years till 1500 hours when senior teams played. These days one goes there to watch seniour teams playing only. What a shame !!!!!




Murozvi 2 months ago

Can Banda tell us what happened to his team. He failed to tune his own team and here we intrust him with the whole national football. Just like we did with Mtuli

Byo bhola 2 months ago

Yaah shuwa izvozvi tirikishaya ma strikers but toona kuma juniors ndatoona vafana vanotamba bhora ku D2 sepa Mpopoma pirates mfana anogona iyeye anonzi Spikili wena Banda buya ko byo uzoqala kutsha iqembu

Bright 2 months ago

But Banda akatadza team yake ozogo a nyika her zvinoita her izvozvo ende Zim Soo ka

Ttm we Bosso 2 months ago

Aah ku runner team mu zimbabwe kwakaoma bvunzai Tutisani lo Jere mobvunza Delma luphephe mobvunza ve motor action mobvuna ve mobvunza Benjan mwaruwari ne team yake yepa magwengwe kuti yakaperera kupi monvunza Ve monomotapa banda ariranai uyu nekuti team yake yayitambigwa nevafana vechiduku

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