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Zimbabwe May Consider Mandatory Vaccination - Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe May Consider Mandatory Vaccination - Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned members of the public that if vaccine uptake remains low, the Government will be left with no option but to make vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory.

Mnangagwa made the remarks on Saturday in Uzumba where he attended the memorial of the late former prisons boss Paradzai Zimondi.

Posting on Twitter this Saturday, presidential spokesperson George Charamba said the Government is targetting universal vaccination, not the initial target of attaining herd immunity. Wrote Charamba:

The President urged all Zimbabweans to step forward for anti-COVID-19 jabs which the Government is administering free of charge.

He warned that if Government realised that not many people were coming forward for voluntary vaccination, Govt might have to consider mandatory vaccination in order to save lives.

Zimbabwe’s goal was universal vaccination and not the initial herd immunity targeting jabs for 60% of the population.

Zimondi, whose Chimurenga name was Tonderai Nyika, alongside cabinet ministers Perrance Shiri and Joel Biggie Matiza succumbed to COVID-19 and the three were buried on the same day at the National Heroes Acre.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently warned against mandatory vaccinations unless all other options have been exhausted. 

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R`G 5 months ago

People dont understand the bible .. more than a billion people i wish to ask 1 question , Where is it in the bible about the 666 being put on people who dont know that its the mark of the beast , because in that case nobody is by any means guity of joining the beast or otherwise, if one is fooled one did not accept it eighter by force or by will because they dont know what it is so pliz stop the stupid mark of the beast theory find another theory and we will support you with all our goblins and more because if christians , moslims , ATR , varoyi ne n'anga zvikabatana haa trust me guys anenge ari ma1

Herd Immunity 5 months ago



Herd Immunity 5 months ago

Ndinodao kunzwisisa kuti pane imwe religion here inotaura about the mark of the beast kunze kweChristian faith?
It seems most people including those who are not Christians are claiming they don't want vaccine because it's the 666 mark. Mukuzvitorepi musingatendi muna Jesu Kristu-Alpha naOmega weBhaibheri.
Tikabvisa kubaiwa vaccine kwacho, kararamiro kenyu kari kuenderana here nehupenyu hunodikanwa naJehovah wacho or same team henyu naBeast ane mark yamuri kuti hamusi kuda😷🤕🤧🤒🤭
Ngatitendeukei nguva ichipo.

Oto 5 months ago

No one to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Vaccine z the mark of the beast .namatai Mwari chete coz zvakanyorwa mu bible zvnofanira kuzadziswa ..ths z the end of the world wanotsungirira kusvka pakuguma wanoponeswa na jesu AMEN!!

Unifier General 5 months ago

Those mentioned e likes of Shiri vavakatobaiwa asi vatisiya isu tisina Tiri vapenyu,,,Mwari ndiye oga anochengeta kwete iwe hako duzuman

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

Shiri died July 2019 and the first vaccine was released in November 2019.

Mr ndhlumbi 5 months ago

Aaah hazvimanikidzwe izvi. We have mo serious problems than this 1

👻 5 months ago

Yah togona kusa kumanikidza kubaiwa.but chigara mumba mako instead of putting others at risk

Chogu fire03°^∆ 5 months ago

Kwete tese ..

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

How can you claim to have won elections but at the same time you can't persuade people to get vaccinated? Is this not enough evidence to prove they stole the Presidency? To hell with vaccine mandates government only need to provide proper vaccine education and lift their nonsensical embargo on British and American vaccines.

Chapwititi 5 months ago

Ende unobaiwa,musamanikidza vanhu,nxaaa

Chapwititi 5 months ago

To hell with mandatory vaccination

V 5 months ago

We tried the carrot and people refused . Now it time for the stick 😂😂

Mushengenene 5 months ago

Handei tobaiw guys ikuuy covid iyi

😋 5 months ago

its about tym they made it mandatory and also put in measures and stiff penalties for fake cards.the unvaccinated are making the virus spread so they have to b forced.

Muongorori 5 months ago

Basa re vaccine rinofanirwa kuva rekudzivirira kubata utachiona kune anenge aribaiwa chekutanga uye kuzoita kuti anenge aribaiwa naro asatapurire vamwe hutachiona (due to a lower viral load) ndokunge vaccine racho ratadza kudzivirira zvizere kubatwa ne hutachiona (failure to prevent infection and reinfections). Virology studies enlighten us to the fact that vaccination with vaccines that have suspect or weak efficacies, in itself, leads to prompt and multiple mutations of said viruses as they register threats posed to them by those relatively ineffective vaccines. In such a scenario, it is not uncommon to discover that viruses mutate less in situations where they do not feel threatened. Semuenzaniso, zvakafanana nekuti nyoka ikavhundutsirwa uye kurohwa ne kashamhu ino feeler threatened zvakanyanya kupfuura inenge isina kuvhundutsirwa kana kushapurwa. Nyika ye Israel yakaita vaccinate more than 80 percent ye total population yavo asi delta struck them zvakaipisisa. Human beings are rational. They can never refuse to get something that they are certain would be beneficial to them. Those who are reluctant to get these first generation stuff vari kutyiswa nema alleged side effects from taking these first generation (G1) vaccines. According to their manufacturers, these G1 vaccines are not able to stop those admistered with them from getting infected. Shouldn't African scientists be getting enhanced funding to conduct extensive researches nemari iri kutengeswa some of these G1 vaccines by African countries? Maonero angu ndeekuti it's best to prayerfully practise social distancing pese patinogona napo, topfeka zvivhara mhino nemiromo kuitira kudambura distance inozoita droplets airborne uye kushambidzika (sanitizing our hands) nekusabata maziso nemhino.

😵 5 months ago

Soldiers must do door to door vaccinations.

👻 5 months ago

Yah true all people can spread the virus but the unvaccinated are more probable to spread it.and also the virus is mutating in the unvaccinated.

🙄 5 months ago

They are not the only ones my guy. You can still get COVID, transmit it to other people and die even if you are vaccinated

Chapwititi 5 months ago

ZvemaVaccines zvinonaisa mvura here,tarirai takatarisana nenzara ndopomutiudza nezveVaccination nxaa

Chapwititi 5 months ago

Mukatimanikidza tinotenga mavaccination cards acho.Saka it shows hamuna support.5million irikuramba kukwana yenyu yemaSupporters.To hell with your vaccines,hamuna kusika vanhu.Vanhu ndevaMwari.

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