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"Zimbabwe Isn't Very Far From Conflict Like Rwanda's 1994 Genocide" - Biti

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy leader, Tendai Biti, warned Tuesday that Zimbabwe could easily be engulfed in a deadly conflict on the scale of Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide which claimed more than 900 000 lives.

Speaking during a debate on a report by Parliament’s Media Committee on its community radio legislation benchmarking visit to Kenya, the former Minister of Finance and Economic Development during the Government of National Unity (GNU) said:

Politics, in Zimbabwe, is suffocating because it is politics of intolerance, durawalls and division.

Where you have such corrosive politics Mr. Speaker Sir, it is difficult to come up with a common division. It is politics of hatred, exclusion, intolerance, and regrettably Hon. Speaker Sir, 42 years after Independence, that politics is entrenched.

If you look at the hatred on social media Mr. Speaker Sir, if you look at some of the things that are said in this Parliament – the language of hatred is so entrenched.

We are not very far from Rwanda in 1994.  Mr. Speaker Sir, you know what happened in Rwanda in 1994.

Biti said while Kenyans had their divisions, they had unity of purpose and their politics transcend political party boundaries as national goals take precedence over party goals NewZimbabwe’com reports. 

Some analysts say the Unity Accord of 1987 and the GNU of 2009 were the closest incidences of when Zimbabwe attempted to prioritise national goals at the expense of party goals.

Some, however, describe the incidents as marriages of convenience necessitated by the ruling ZANU PF’s politics of intolerance.

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Gwedu 2 months ago

For Rwanda was better, this one will be worse than ever. Dear Zimbabweans ma2 arii kuuya ,stay vigilant

dispenser 2 months ago

zvikatodaro pamwe nyika ingaite nani

. 2 months ago

pindula usually sensor or edit our small posts but they allow this big sounding nothing to remain. it boggles the mind

Aratijiyesi 2 months ago

VanaBiti kungowawata zvisina plan.

bvananguy 2 months ago

Biti often gets carried away by emotions, and ends up hallucinating.

Chombo 2 months ago

Biti uchaziva rufu,kune vauno furira hatiite politics dzisina vano tuma rufu

XYZ 2 months ago

Shoko harivhikwi.......mazvinzwa!

xyz 2 months ago

zanu pf is a disgrace,the acronym itself should be rejected, abandoned, discredited.....must be taboo to say it.

John Cena 2 months ago

Ndozvikurambwa izvozvo


t 2 months ago

wasting tym

Gold Bitcoin 2 months ago

The hatred on Twitter has teacher another level.The perpetrators are the CCC diaspora brigade.

Sign 2 months ago

@Gold Bitcom.Chirungu chenhu chikuti kudiii.Nyorai nemutauro waamai Tinzwisise

pk 2 months ago

Biti is always nagetively minded. he opposes everything. he is just there to disagree and suffers from speculative politics

Gafa 2 months ago

Zanu yakati pasina pfuti havabvi pa power saka dzichauya pfuti see yu then.Mudzokere kuhondo tione aripi Matemadanda

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