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Zimbabwe High Court Orders Arrest Of Two SA DJs Kabza And Maphorisa

Zimbabwe High Court Orders Arrest Of Two SA DJs Kabza And Maphorisa

The High Court in Bulawayo has ordered the arrest of South African artists DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small who performed in the city on Sunday night.

According to a court order seen by Pindula News, the DJs are to be held in prison until they are served with a summons for non-appearance at Victoria Falls Carnival, and refusal to refund.

The duo arrived in Zimbabwe on Sunday and are expected to fly back to South Africa later in the afternoon on Monday. Reads in part the order:


WHEREAS, an order was made by the Honourable Mr Justice Dube-Banda ordering arrest of the 1st and 2nd Respondents (Petrus Kabelo Botha and Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe) and committing them to prison to confirm jurisdiction of the Respondents.

NOW THEREFORE you are required and directed that you take PETRUS KABELO BOTHA and THEMBA SONNYBOY SEKOWE of which they are found in Zimbabwe and deliver them to the Keeper of the Gaol at Bulawayo Prison, together with a copy of this Writ, there to be safely kept until they are served with the summons against them issued by the High Court in Bulawayo for a claim in the sum of US$18 395.82 or have provided security in the sum of US$18 395.82 to the Sheriff of the High Court in Bulawayo, whichever occurs first.

AND Return you this writ with what you have done thereupon.

The duo, and Zimbabwean Sha Sha who is based in South Africa, didn’t for the Victoria Falls Carnival on 29 April this year despite being given everything they needed to travel. Reports suggest they had two shows in South Africa.

Day of the Carnival was set to kick off the celebrations with headliners DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha, due to perform on the Pure Africa Sunset Cruise and at the main event later in the evening.

DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha did not make their flights.

A month later, Sha Sha apologised. In a statement seen by Pindula News, ShaSha said she was working to atone for missing the show.

Pindula News

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Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

So you let them perform and then Job-Sikhalad them afterwards 😂😂
Now South Africans can see why our law is forcing us to seek refuge in their country

prophet 4 months ago

uri du-zvi mfana is sikhala's case same with this one,uwuye ndikubise demon 👿 rakusanzwisisa pauri

4 months ago

Mr profit ,learn to understand jokes right
Plus these guys performed for free and they thought their grudge was over

101 4 months ago

welcome to Zimbabwe

Igojas 😊 4 months ago

kwadana ama fans madoda😂😂😂

Thor 4 months ago

ndo kunonzi ku booker match wavaakuita uku tinopisirwa hama dzriku south nazvo izvii ma zulu ndomaziva ini

zhung 4 months ago

Mazulu ano ma.misa iiii

Billey 4 months ago

I foresee danger


4 months ago

Noone sees anything wrong with what they did against the organisers of the Carnival but just being negative.If we were in the same shoes of being fleeced of $18k would we say the same?If it was the reverse would SA people be happy about the no show?lets jus be keyboard warriors without using our minds...

Chigwwdere 4 months ago

Dube-Banda munhu mumwe chete here uyu ane mitupo 2

Zuze 4 months ago

@Chgw..... chakuti chakuti.

Isn't it possible that ndiMadube akaroorwa naBanda and decided on a double-barrelled surname?

TVT 4 months ago

Zimbabwe kungodawo mbiri chete kunzi yakasunga ana boyz avo but hapana chavanovaita avo

Ana boyz vakaipa avo mhani Scorpion kings 🔉🔉

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