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"Zimbabwe Has Not Banned All Lithium Exports"

Zimbabwe has not banned all lithium exports, the ban only applies to the export of lithium ore, the rocks that carry the mineral reported newZWire.

Following the promulgation of Statutory Base Minerals Export Control (Unbeneficiated Lithium Bearing Ores) Order, 2022, in December, influential US journalist Ben Norton tweeted:

Zimbabwe has banned all lithium exports. The government said it was losing $1.7 billion from exporting it as a raw mineral and not processing it into batteries in-country.

Instead of exporting raw materials, Zimbabwe hopes to develop its own industry.

A headline in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said: “Export ban means Chinese firms will have to build plants in Zimbabwe to process lithium.”

However, Zimbabwe has not refused to sell the in-demand metal to powerful foreign companies and mining companies don’t necessarily have to build new plants.

The ban does not apply to the export of lithium concentrates, which all the major lithium miners in the country already plan to produce but only applies to the export of lithium ore.

Mines and Mining Development Ministry Secretary Pfungwa Kunaka told newZWire that the exportation of concentrates is not banned. He added:

We are encouraging and promoting value addition and beneficiation.

George Roach, whose company Premier African Minerals, one of the companies currently developing lithium mines in the country, said:

As I understand this, the banned commodity is un-beneficiated ore. We do not plan to export ore.

We plan to mine ore and then extract spodumene from the ore and export the spodumene. I do not believe this affects us at this time.

Speaking personally, I support the regulation. Premier supports the further beneficiation of spodumene from a concentrate in-country and is actively engaged in planning such further beneficiation for spodumene produced at Zulu.

The General Manager of another major lithium company, who declined to be named, told newZWire:

We have no problem with that law. In fact, it protects formal operations where it stops illegal miners from potentially damaging assets to sell ore.

Our operation is currently building processing capacity and will have no problem complying with Zimbabwean laws.

Meanwhile, Huayou Cobalt, Sabi Star, Bikita Minerals and Premier are currently building lithium processing plants, with completion mostly expected later this year. | newZWire

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Vesto 3 weeks ago

Yeah, another loophole to allow The Big Fish to escape the net. By tomorrow Mnantrucks will be released from Beit Bridge to continue their journey to South Africa.

A-Looter continua! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

EUREKA 3 weeks ago

Lithium is just like oil for uae

Patriot 3 weeks ago

Zimbabwe is endowed with a lot of resources. The Westerners know this that's is why they are mad about our country. They have the secret maps and codes about these resources. The only way to loot from us is by using Imperialism. The gvt must speak with friendly countries and bring investment here. Jobs will be created for sure.

Führer 3 weeks ago

I agree with you kasi tofanira kuuraya nyoka yapinda Mumba inonzi ccc

Vekuye kuye 3 weeks ago

You are delusional, if you think there is something called friendly countries. Its business and they come to further the interests of their motherland. The Russians or Chinese will not give you freebies, they will surely get their pound of flesh.

Vesto 3 weeks ago

Which friendly countries? Chinese are busy looting minerals. Russians pay kickbacks to el Presidentevwuth a helicopter two ambulances. Belarus gives el Presidente and Tagwireyi a few rotten buses!

Who in their right frame of mind will invest in a country proud of 260% hyperinflation and bank loans at a premium of 200%?

Get real @Patriot and your sidekick Hitler

Drex 3 weeks ago

Zimbabwe has been a friend of China for the past 20 years if Patriot is talking sense why has Zimbabwe not changed. Just talking rubbish

O'brien 3 weeks ago

Lithium yaingotorwa nemaChina kubva kudhara iwe waakutaura investment yakaitwa kudhara. They are banning exportation not mining.

,,,, dott 3 weeks ago

Vote E. D 4 economic development & job creation


3 weeks ago

All this law bending just to rescue The third Cousin . That is his purpose on the seat. What could HE and his band do to keep him in that position? They will go bloody on the people as they've always done. Be prepared for a bitter resistance.

3 weeks ago

Yochilutiwa lithium iyoyo

Dofo 3 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Good move my 🇿🇼Zimbabwe🇿🇼

3 weeks ago

Kuda kuti Benard Mnangagwa asiwe ayende ne lithium chete

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