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"Zimbabwe Has No Health Minister"

Health worker and political commentator Setfree Mafukidze says Zimbabwe does not have a health minister and senior officials in the Ministry of Health and Childcare are not up to the task.

The current Minister of Health is Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who took over the portfolio in 2020 following the sacking of Obadiah Moyo.

Mafukidze made the remarks in response to exchanges between Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Mthuli Ncube and opposition MPs during a Question and Answer session in the National Assembly over the state of cancer treatment in Zimbabwe.

In his responses, Ncube said the funds to purchase cancer machines are available and Treasury is waiting for the Ministry of Health to make requests. Read the extract below:

HON. MATSUNGA: Thank you, Mr Speaker Sir. My question is directed to the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon. Minister Ncube. I understand the Government had said that it will purchase radiotherapy machines that will help those who are living with cancer.

As you all know, cancer knows no age; infants in hospitals are being diagnosed with cancer.

How far has the Government gone with purchasing those radiotherapy machines that will help Zimbabwean citizens together with those that I lead in Mufakose Constituency?

THE MINISTER OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (HON. PROF. M. NCUBE): Thank you very much, Mr Speaker Sir. I thank the Hon. Member for that very important question regarding the purchase of machines for assisting our cancer patients.

We stand ready, with the resources to purchase the equipment. What is going on in the Ministry of Health and Child Care is that they are scoping the kind of demand for this equipment but we stand ready. We have adequate resources to equip our critical hospitals.

For example, if you go to Harare South where we just completed the development of a new medium-sized hospital.

We are determined to keep equipping our hospitals and build new hospitals. So the issue really is not one of the resources but just planning and we are working with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to roll out the acquisition of this cancer equipment. Thank you.

HON. MATSUNGA: My question was not concerning Harare Hospital because it is not functioning well due to a shortage of nurses.

I am asking concerning radiotherapy machines that will help those who are suffering from cancer.

Our economy is in a bad state that it cannot allow people to access health facilities from other countries.

I am asking about machines so that we do not have to look for health facilities in other countries for radiotherapy treatment.

I am not asking about hospitals in Harare, there are a lot of hospitals. I am specifically on radiotherapy machines.

HON. PROF. M. NCUBE: Thank you very much, Mr Speaker Sir. I thank the Hon. Member for that impassioned question once again.

As I said earlier, we have the resources to purchase the equipment. We are going through a scoping exercise with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to purchase such equipment.

We will update the Hon. Member as we progress with the programme of purchasing that equipment. I thank you.

HON. MARKHAM: Thank you, Mr Speaker Sir. Mr Speaker on the supplementary question, the issue is not only the machines.

The issue is running the machines – simple blood tests for cancer cannot be done in this country at the moment.

There are a lot of people who are sending their blood samples to South Africa for diagnosis.

Can the Hon. Minister assure the House that something concrete will happen in the next couple of months?

HON. PROF. M. NCUBE: Thank you, Hon. Markham, you asked three questions. I can assure you that as Government, we stand ready to support whatever is required in terms of testing for blood services.

As I said, we always wait for line ministries to make requests and we have the resources for such services and it is not difficult.

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Russian 1 month ago

Generari is also failing his job as a vice president

sugar boy 1 month ago

not only health minister even leadership dololo.ngapine hake mukomana

Worzell Gimmidge 1 month ago

Yes. It's true. Zimbabwe does not have a Health Minister. Zimbabwe has a "MONSTER OF HEWUTH & CHAIWUD WEROFEYA". It's name is Doctor Ghod Bress Pumura'...

kyiv 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Finish


Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Hapana asingazive kunowanikwa miShina yeRadio Therapy. One can just Google "medical tech suppliers" and hundreds of results will be displayed. The Oncologists already know what kind of machines to buy. The biggest problem is that fake Doctor, aka, 'Doctor Ghod Bress Pumura' who still mixes up letters of the alphabet, and connived with that crook Mtuzvi Nwube. Right now they are scoping out how to loot government funds by inflating the prices of Radio Therapy machines. Uchanzwa kuti muchini weU$D300K watengwa neHundred Gazillion Dollars. Voti maSanctions...

SADZA 3 weeks ago

Hundred Gazillion Dollars


TeleShit 1 month ago

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👽 1 month ago

pinda musmart tenga smart bundle re econet rakachipa zvekuti uri ghetto yut izvo azvina basa that's not an excuse. hustle harder mfan

Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

@Tele**** forget and smile about GNU again in Zimbabwe, the past gnu cost us n the tsvangirai family {rip dr Morgan} after zanupf poison our darling leader Tsvangirai😭😭😭. I have a video n audio of the late tsvangirai achiudza Joshua (Chamisa) kuti usafa wakapinda mugnu again hona pandasvika nhasi

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

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The King of Serpents 1 month ago

@Tele****. Unezvivindiwo iwe, kutenga maprivate bundles etelecel? kkkkk

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

@Tele****. Unezvivindiwo iwe, kutenga maprivate bundles etelecel? kkkkk

TeleShit 1 month ago

Telecel should just close. How can a whole network service provider fail to deliver their services for almost a day now. Sent them a message yesterday and this the reply they give me apa ndatenga ma private bundles and handisiina mari

Sincere apologies. Kindly note that our engineers are working flat out to restore the service. ^PM

Done with these companies if they can't operate ngavavare!!!

👽 1 month ago

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Malcolm X 1 month ago

Iwe ndiwe unofanira kuvharwa closure.How can a sane person still boasts of having Telecel line.The network is no longer there and reconstruction of the company is sought.

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