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"Zimbabwe Has Enough Resources To Fund Free Education, If Managed Well" - Teachers

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe president, Obert Masaraure, has said the government has enough resources to fund free education if they were being managed well.

He said the government was failing to offer free education due to corruption which has made education inaccessible to over 7.9 million children who are being forced to drop out of school. He said:

The government has enough resources to deliver on the mandate of free education. One easy source of revenue is our mineral wealth which has the capacity to fund all social services in Zimbabwe if managed well. There are multiple potential revenue streams for funding free education.

His remarks come as Public Service minister, Paul Mavima, has argued that the government does not have a budget for free primary school education yet, but was hopeful that funds will be made available next year.

Speaking at the World Autism Day event last week in Harare, Mavima said even though the government had legislated for State-funded basic education, implementation was impossible because of inadequate resources that were allocated to education. He added:

I am glad to announce that the President is committed and starting in 2023 there is going to be free primary education. So those attending public schools will not be required to pay basic tuition fees while the State continues to support vulnerable children with uniforms, examination fees, and stationery. So we are happy about that development.

The government has failed to offer free primary education as promised by President Mnangagwa in 2018 and has also failed to honour its pledge to pay tuition fees for children of teachers.

It is also owing huge amounts of money for students under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

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Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

We currently have no manager in Zimbabwe. This clown masquerading are prezo imbavha zvayo and busy stealing the mineral resources 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Better udire hako rizare wangu 🥃🍾

Chatora Webster 9 months ago

Hamunyepi elder, taneta nembavha iyi plz

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago

Ma resources API nhai iwee musoro bangu. We are busy preparing for elections and don't have time for your s t u p I d grievances. We will attend to them muna 2030. For now just chill and vote Zpf✊

Chatora Webster 9 months ago

How old are you murashiki??? It's so clear that you haven't worked in any industry whatsoever. How can you celebrate this moron currently resident at 1 Chancellor??? Is he not parceling out gold from Shamva Mine and Freda Rebecca Mine??? Nickel from Trojan too is in the frail just to line his pockets using Trafigura as a scapegoat. We are assembling a mother of all court cases to stop this nonsense forthwith!!! Bamnin kaa, dirai henyu rizare

John Chibadura 9 months ago

Number ndedzekunyepa idzi vanhu 8 million vari kutadza kuenda kuchikoro kupi?????? Stats idzo dzoda re visit

tb 9 months ago

*Mthuli Ncube suffers court defeat over illegal fuel tax*

HARARE – The High Court says finance minister Mthuli Ncube usurped Parliament’s powers through a statutory instrument that created a new taxation regime for the fuel industry two years ago.

On June 5, 2020, Ncube published Statutory Instrument 123A of 2020 that created a new taxation regime in respect of a carbon tax and the NocZim redemption levy, which the court has now scrapped.

The judgement delivered by High Court judge Justice Siyabona Musithu last week will come as a relief to the motoring public following complaints over excessive taxation in the fuel sector, resulting in the country’s fuel being one of the most expensive in Africa.

The increases in world oil prices mean that total landed cost for fuel locally also increases, while a number of taxes and levies remain extremely high as compared to regional peers.

Industry and fuel players have been calling for an overhaul of the fuel tax regime.

“It is ordered that Section 3 (2) of the Finance Act (Chapter 23:04] be and is hereby declared to be inconsistent with section 134 (a) as read with section 117 (2) (c) of the constitution of Zimbabwe, and consequently unconstitutional,” Justice Musithu ruled.

“The Finance (Amendment of Sections 22E (1) and 22H of Finance Act) Regulations, 2020 published as SI 123A of 2020 be and are hereby declared a nullity and are set aside.

“The Finance (Amendment of Sections 22E (1) and 22H of the Finance Act) Regulations, 2020 published as SI 145 of 2020 be and are hereby declared a nullity and are set aside.”

Opposition legislator Innocent Gonese represented by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice president Tendai Biti filed the High Court application challenging Ncube’s SI as an illegal amendment of the Finance Act.

Ncube’s SI amended the Finance Act to allow the state to collect carbon tax on diesel and petrol by creating a new taxation regime in relation to carbon tax and the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim) Redemption Levy.

Gonese submitted that only the legislature had the power to amend the Finance Act as he charged that Ncube had usurped parliament’s powers.

“On June 5, 2020, the respondent published SI 123A of 2020. That instrument created a new taxation regime in respect of carbon tax and the Noczim Redemption Levy,” Gonese argued.

“That new obligation is dependent on whether one is using free funds or not. The new regime had the following effect: those importing fuel using free funds would continue paying carbon tax at the rate of 0.03 cents per litre per petroleum product or 5 percent of the cost.

“Those importing fuel other than through free funds would pay thirty two point five Zimbabwean cents per litre of diesel and one hundred Zimbabwean cents per litre of petrol.”

Ncube was cited as the respondent in the court application.

He had argued: “The new Noczim levy was provided for in terms of section 22 (H) of the regulations, and it provided that the levy in respect of those importing fuel using free funds would be calculated at the rate.”

However, Gonese maintained that Ncube has no power to impose a carbon tax between those importers who use free funds and those who do not.

“The applicant contends that section 3(2) of the Finance Act is unconstitutional to the extent that it permits the respondent to amend charges even those made by Parliament,” he submitted.

“The power to make, amend and repeal laws is the domain of parliament in keeping with the principle of separation of powers as espoused in s 3 (2) (e) of the constitution.

“His conduct ignored the fact that the constitution was anchored on the principle of separation of powers as espoused in s 3(2) () of the constitution.”

Planning a new potato crop? We have ready

Maparamuro 9 months ago

Zimbabwe will start developing when we start voting with our brains not emotions. Zimbabwe is very rich but inoita politics dzesvoto. We will oppose for the sake of opposing even good ideas if they come from the opposition are shot down by ruling party and vice versa. We are not growing politically

The King of Serpents 9 months ago

That's very true, if we manage our plentiful and very valuable resource and curb corruption, South Africans will flock to Zimbabwe for jobs, the table will turn.


The King of Serpents 9 months ago

That's very true, if we manage our plentiful and very valuable resource and curb corruption, South Africans will flock to Zimbabwe for jobs, the table will turn.

Jinn 9 months ago

This nonsense called Zanu Pf is curse to our beautiful country.

#B1 9 months ago

Guyz free education iz just a way of campaign iyooo munoo once Zanu iz a ruling party that is not going to happen coz unofunga kutiii vangazozvigona hre ivoo vakutadza kubhadara mateacher mafees achirii ku bhadharwa kuzotii I kusisina ngatingwareyi vnhu

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