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Zimbabwe Fines And Deports British Citizen

Zimbabwe Fines And Deports British Citizen

A British national has been sentenced to serve one month in prison or pay a fine of $20 000 after living in Zimbabwe for more than two years without a valid permit.

She will be deported to her home country after serving the sentence or paying the fine.

Irene Susan Catherine Ager (65) who resided at 3 Purbeck Gose, Highlands in Harare appeared in court on Friday, facing charges of contravening Section 29 of the Immigration Act.

Ager had lived in Zimbabwe for 685 days after her holiday visa had expired.

She had entered the country in 2020.

Ager pleaded guilty to the charge when she appeared before Harare magistrate, Mr Tafadzwa Miti.

Prosecutor, Ms Polite Chikiwa, said the accused arrived in Zimbabwe on March 11, 2020, and was given a double-entry holiday visa, which expired on April 10, 2020.

Upon expiry of the visa, the accused never extended her permit to stay in Zimbabwe, and overstayed for 685 days leading to her arrest on February 24, 2022.

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^_^^_^ 2 months ago

....and when South Africa put into higher gear the arrest and deportation of Zimbos in SA, even the president will go there to negotiate. if other countries' were as harsh as ours, jail all over the world would be full of Zimbos. Zimbos staying in SA illegally can fill SA jails to the brim.

Mr L 2 months ago

if only the Immigration was competent and consistent coz once they do this and the press has to emphasize that a British citizen its shows that its a public stunt.

laps 2 months ago

ndiye wekutanga wandanzwawo.iyo immigration yacho iri papi chaipo.vamwe hatitozive

RaKeCrA 2 months ago


Tkt 2 months ago

She must put kuChikurubi,adye sadza rinesoup + 4beans..she must respect the laws our country,as of **** who are talking about inviting sanctions,we are a sovereign nation, serving e interest of Zimbabweans first not furthering British interest... that is why e opposition won't rule this country,you were programmed to think that Whites are small gods...if you touch them,you are sinning n bond to be punished by sanctions..


Triforest 2 months ago

Vanonakirwa nayo nekuti vane Mari dzacho dzekubhadhara nekushanya. Kana usina Mari hausi chinhu munyika muno

Paul Piki 2 months ago

Wauyi warikunakirwa nayo Zimbabwe iyi, imi wene wayo muchiitiza. By

Bright 2 months ago

Uyu munhu uyu hanty anga auya ku holiday her saka vatori nekodzero yekumu deporter ukangoshanya chte kune imwe nyika chte Visa raka expir unotonzi usungwe chte saka apana weku blema apa

RaKeCrA 2 months ago

Remember Putin said "What is done is already done." So we mark as history.

Busymark 2 months ago

Iye akashinga kugarira nhamo dziri munom🚮

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Taura hako iwe, iye anezvivindiwo, kuuya kuZimbabwe kkkkk

Avtomat Kalashnikova 2 months ago

Tinavo wani ana achimwene Vatone 20+ years tinavo muno asi hamubati wanii

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Kkkkk ingori nyaya yekuti uyu aita muchena saka government yaitaimira Mari dzekucampaigner

Tawananyasha 2 months ago

aita munyama uyo vamwe havabatwi

RaKeCrA 2 months ago

Wow! These Immigration Office guys really are amazingly heartless. How many foreigners are in this nation for over 10 years and they don't care? Is this some kind of beef? Why her a British Citizen? Why? Yes it is their job yet this whole thing in the COVID era... After everything she had reasons to remain... Are we doing this for fun or looking for other sanctions to be imposed for no good reason. It doesn't mean we are cowards... Ask yourselves why? Why why? Why did they do it ? If she is unharmed it is better.

RaKeCrA 2 months ago

• < The King Of Serpents> Then they are not doing their job well. What comes around goes around.
• < Maseko > It is quite funny my guy, every person is a human being and deserves to be treated like a human. It is like slapping your boss's daughter because you are not satisfied with your pay, while the next day you still want the job.

• < El Zorro > Return favours is like an ultimatum. We (Zimbabwe) are the ones who are suffering so bad and we always seek refuge, they have their reason for deporting the soldier. Please understand that I am not contradicting myself. I guess some secrets expire so they no longer need him.

Full Stop.

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

At least she's being deported back to a better life whilst musoja arikuita kugehena. May the Lord be with him.

Maseko 2 months ago

Pliz fambirwa nguva iripo. Pfungwa yekufunga kuti lets protect whites at all cost at the expense of your life itori sign yekupenga yauinayo. Few days uchadya mubin hako

El zorro 2 months ago

One of ours fought for them against Iraq from 02 to 07 yet they are planning on deporting ironically why not return the favour??

Shadows 2 months ago

Kkk musiyeiwo anakirwa nezimbabwe.

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