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Zimbabwe Expects Maize Harvest To Fall By Almost Half In 2021/22 Season

Zimbabwe Expects Maize Harvest To Fall By Almost Half In 2021/22 Season

Zimbabwe expects its harvest of staple white maize grain to fall by almost half this year due to poor rainfall in the 2021/22 growing season.

Authorities, however, believe the nation will have enough food till the next harvest. 

Zimbabwe has for years been failing to produce enough grain for consumption let alone exportation. This is attributed to poor agriculture policies and climate change. The government said:

Cabinet takes this opportunity to reassure the nation that, despite the decline in production owing to the vagaries of the weather, there is, however, enough maize in stock.

Maize production for the 2021/22 season is seen at 1.56 million tonnes, down from the previous season’s multi-year record of 2.72 million tonnes.

The country needs a total of 2.2 million tonnes for both human and livestock consumption.

Zimbabwe’s millers have been increasing prices, citing higher import and production costs, as well as supply constraints related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In March, millers increased maize meal and wheat flour prices by 15%, followed by further hikes of 52% and 31% for maize meal and wheat flour, respectively, in April.

Inflation has worsened the challenges being faced by the public.

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Asalif 1 week ago

ndekupi kwakaibva kungaite tisvitse half hamunete nekunyeba sei leave vanoda kupa vanhu chikafu vaende kuassessment in time tozviziva you want to get rid of NGOs because of elections manje it will be double trouble money for food and elections at once with a broke government like this one

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Ko ko inga maiti pfumvudza hainei nemvura! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Saka drought yobvepi isu tichiita pfumvudza?

mukasaurayana mvura inonaya 1 week ago

muchingourayana motoita drought 😪

😖😖 1 week ago

@Nimrode☑️☑️ apa fertilizer kuitenga inoda $US. zvakaduakwa zvemuno muZim

Mr j 1 week ago

factos mntshaza wakho awula ngqondo

factos 1 week ago

lawo ama tshona you talk too much


Tongoonai 1 week ago

Mvura ikanaya pembedzai mwari, kwete pfumvudza. Where is pfumvudza this year? Lets no politicise natural phenomenas.

DennisNorman 1 week ago

What happened to the irrigation infrastructure that was in place in most farms? By the way, nyika inorimwa neveni vayo, I rest my case.

iyuoh 1 week ago

irrigation ndiyo solution yedrought

Nimrod 1 week ago

Someone will see how important farmers, even maize farmers are. Gvt said maize farmers will not be paid in forex...bla, bla , bla. Grabted the rains failed us, but those who have it are unlikely to deliver to GMB given the payment terms. lf farmers keep their harvest, gvt will be forced to import, using the US$. The only way to have those farmers who did well and to persuade them to deliver the bulk of their crop is to offer them us$.

BOSS VEDAH 1 week ago

Gvt iyi haipi munhu USD kanganwai henyu

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