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"Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) Cancellation Shameful" - News24

News24 editorial has described as shameful the decision by South Africa’s Cabinet made last December to cancel, without consideration, the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP). 

The decision will affect thousands of Zimbabweans who are residing in that country after fleeing the biting economy in Zimbabwe. 

They have up to 31 December 2022 to either apply for another type of permit or leave South Africa.

The resolve, championed by Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, was made without due regard for what would happen to tens of thousands of people who came to South Africa seeking nothing but a better life, and whose lives will now be upended by this decision, according to News24. Added the publication:

The exemption permits were granted to more than 250 000 Zimbabweans who were among more than estimated two million who migrated to neighbouring countries at the height of Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis in 2008 and 2009. 

The temporary measure was meant to regularise their presence in South Africa and allow Zimbabweans access to services such as banking. But now government has decided to cancel this measure without putting proper plans in place.

The publication further says the South African government did play a role in the political crises that engulfed Zimbabwe, resulting in the economic crises, by allowing the Mugabe regime to get away with rigging the 2002 election and many other crimes after that.

News24 adds that the decision to revoke the permit affects all types of people from across the social spectrum. It impacts teachers, truck drivers and doctors. It will separate families and leave others stranded without cars or access to banking.

It interrupts university students who were trying to complete their degrees.

Human rights activists have engaged the courts in a bid to have the decision revoked. Some of them have even received threats.

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Nimrod 1 month ago

Kutiza ndokuitei. they should come back and vote, then go back nyika yave right

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Nyika inovakwa ne vene vayo

Manikiniki 1 month ago

The biggest mistake we made was giving up and running away from Zanu pf instead of fighting for what is rightfully ours rather than resorting to being refugees in other people's lands who are able to defend what is rightfully theirs in their homelands.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

They did not run away from the mighty ZANU PF they ran away from sanctions caused by the opposition neo-colonialists. If they return they will vote for the mighty ZANU PF and return the ccc to the storage.

Ch 1 month ago

They have to come back home and fight for their own country

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

@ZANU PF Chawabvunza, you do not know the actual cause of sanctions. May you allow me to lecture you for free. Sanctions were imposed by EU and United States of America in 2002 after ZANU PF had started its chaotic land reform program in which tens of white farmers were cruelly murdered by ZANU PF war veterans under the protection of ZANU PF leadership. Sanctions were a result of ZANU PF chaotic land reform. ZANU PF is hiding behind its little finger when they say a certain opposition political invited sanctions.




Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Sazita so are you saying that when the whites removed and killed our people I mean your people to be correct that was a good thing? Stop being a hypocrite


Tkt 1 month ago

This issue of going outside the country pains me
Wasvikako busy kugara wakapeta mwise.
Haa ha haaa shame, dai vakangoti ALL ZEPs ARE CANCELLED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT mhani
Zvatondi nonokera kuona 3million votes dzedu dzicho dzoka kumba kuzo vhota
Come vot for Bato rine Chimuti and follow it's ideological stance muchaona kuti in the 5months towards elections maZulu anonga akuto uya kuzo pemha kuno

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Mukuda kuti vanhu ovavo vaende kupi, muZimbabwe takatokwana, maresources akakwanirana.

Nharira via Enkeldoorn 1 month ago

Garai ikoko kuma green pastures enyu.
We will not get involved in your fights.
Dzokai kumusha

hello 1 month ago

@Chawabvunza unonzwisa tsitsi bcz of the depth of yo ignorance.

Swagger 1 month ago

Imagine how many armed robbers wil be coming back with their guns pakaipa 😱

Chitunha Chese ndeChedu® 1 month ago

Hativade vanhu ava. They want to come back and infiltrate our party.

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Saka ma zimba.ndiwo ega her akarambirwa ma permit acho

Nancefield, Mesina. 1 month ago

Mange matiiko va burglar bar.Hantie inonzi Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP)

Donny 1 month ago

zanu pf must go to hell

Lucifer 1 month ago

Kunodiwa vasina ma strucures

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