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Zimbabwe Engages South Africa Over Xenophobia

Zimbabwe Engages South Africa Over Xenophobia

The Zimbabwean Government has through its Embassy in South Africa, started engaging the SA Government following the brutal murder of a Zimbabwean national in the neighbouring country.

Elvis Nyathi (43), a domestic worker who lived in Diepsloot, a slum area in Johannesburg, was stoned and set alight by vigilantes on Wednesday night for being a foreigner.

Zimbabwe’s Consul-General in South Africa Melody Chaurura told The Sunday Mail on Saturday that they were talking with the SA Government at all levels. She said:

I was able to visit the family of Elvis Nyathi yesterday (Friday) to pass our condolences.

We have been able to get free repatriation of the body from a Zimbabwe-owned funeral parlour here in South Africa.

We are very much concerned with this issue and we are talking to the South African government at all levels to see how the issue can be dealt with.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, the deceased’s brother, Godknows Nyathi, said the Zimbabwean Consulate was assisting with facilitating the repatriation process. He said:

The consulate came and said they are going to assist us with the repatriation of his body to Zimbabwe.

We will be waiting for the autopsy then after that, we will get the papers and bring the body to Zimbabwe on Thursday or Friday.

The murder of Nyathi followed a day of protests by Diepsloot residents over the high crime rate in the area which they blamed on foreigners.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

The government of South Africa wants Zimbabweans to go back register and vote for a better Zimbabwe.

It breaks my heart to hear our fellow country men and women when they come to Zim for holidays asking us how we survive in this country as if they dont belong.
Hanzi koo munorarama sei muchinyika chenyu ichi?🤔
Kanti liphila njani kokulilizwe kwenu lokhu?🤔
Come back home you fools and make Zimbabwe a land of your choice, to hell with SA people and their learders nxxxh...

Kodo 1 month ago

S.A govt supports these vigilante groups thats why they are soft on this one..Foreigners shld unite and raise against these barbaric groups#

bvu 1 month ago

n'anga ndiye muroi mukuru. saka mhond dzemhiri apo hadzitye ngozi

Chen 1 month ago

Vaye vanogona chikaranga batsirai vanhu ava , for the deceased to avenge his/her killers. Kushereketa l hate but apaaa tokutendera by all means.

Fred 1 month ago

@ Titanic , The Titanic also killed a lot of pple so it makes sense wat u jus dd here . u dnt value life

mambokadzi 1 month ago

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kisswell 1 month ago

Parikutaurwa nezvekufa kwemunhu iwe urikushambadza zvebasa rako washaya pekushambadzira hauna tsitsi unoda kutengerwa nani kana usingakoshesi vanhu?

Pluto decaa 1 month ago

Zvakangoomawo hazvo hupenyu hwemunhu hwakakosha munhu kufa sehuku

Titanic 1 month ago

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