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Zimbabwe Defence Forces Speak On Three Recent Shootings

Zimbabwe Defence Forces Speak On Three Recent Shootings

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) said that it regrets the deaths of seven people killed by soldiers in three recent shootings.

In one of the shootings, a man ignored warnings in a cantonment area in Gweru, in the other, a soldier who is said to be now in police custody fired randomly reacting to a mob attack in Mhondoro, while the third incident involved a robbery in Harare.

In a statement on Saturday, Brigadier-General Augustine Chipwere called on members of the public to report any member of the ZDF engaging in criminal activities or wayward behaviour. He said:

The ZDF acknowledges and regrets the loss of innocent lives and deeply commiserates with the bereaved families and communities.

The ZDF will assist all the bereaved families in accordance with regulations pertaining to such incidents.

The ZDF wishes to appeal to members of the public to report any member of the ZDF who behaves in a criminal manner or displays behaviour, not in keeping with the ZDF code of conduct, to the nearest cantonment area or to phone the following numbers 024 2792661 and 071 2808007 so that corrective action is taken promptly.

In the first incident, that occurred on Christmas Eve, a soldier who was on patrol within the cantonment area at Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base in Gweru shot and injured Painos Zihesvu Dzvetsvera who later succumbed to his injuries.

Dzvetsvera, who had parked his kombi near the airbase just after midnight, was reportedly hit in the back while trying to flee from the soldier who had asked him what he was doing in a restricted area.

Brig-Gen Chipwere said the death could have been prevented had the now deceased Dzvetsvera observed and complied with signposts around the cantonment area and instructions by the patrol.

In the second incident that also occurred on Christmas Eve, Sergeant Lameck Kabara and Corporal Christopher Charuma were part of an armed robbery gang at 2345 Fern Road, Hatfield in Harare.

They shot and killed Elvis Chijaka and seriously injured Brian Chijaka.

In the third incident on Christmas Day, Lance Corporal Monga shot and killed five people at Wanganui Shops in Mhondoro Ngezi at around 6 PM after he was cornered by a mob.

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Obie doc 4 months ago


Tkt 4 months ago

Haaa vaChipwere vataridza kuita pwere chaiko, sure munga taura nezve kuassister mabereaved families boe hr?

ndashudwa nagunners family yangu yopuwa coffin netuma tent + zvima cabbages. ko mangwana vana vangu vanodyei, vanopfekei, ko iyo upkeep yese. dai mato taura zvecompensation iri strong atleast an instant payout of lumpsum of atleast 30000USD or equivallent in ZWL + monthly payouts, & fees for children left behind including accomodatiob & proportional bread basket.

these measure will ensure the Commanders really serve the masses by ensuring,high stansards of discipline are met among the subbordinates.

gvt must act accordindly to all immediate comanders to which belong the convicted murderers, robbers and have them answr
er for their subodinates actions.

a conviction on a member of the security services must be treated as TREASON, SUBBOTAGE, & attract a heavy penalty such as but not limited to atleast 20yrs mukati without option of a bail

any convicted member of the security must not be accorded bail the same way they are not allowed to demonstrate so they must still be limitted to some right for ordinary citizens.

above all ngava puwewo mari inovapa shungu dzekusunga nekutsvaga mhosva dzechokwadi. we love these guys as citizens

adjudicator 4 months ago

The army has been notorious this past year.Can they tell us thier position on all the accused soldiers not mention just one case.we still believe that soldier who killed Dzvetsvera shld be held accountable for his deeds.Chipwere shld come out clean on tje issue kwete kupa ma open ended statements. We dont celebrate rouge soldiers..

Tkt 4 months ago


in the case of a hangman that must not be a problem. convicted murderers must be usefull in executing death sentences of themselves. one after the other vachi hen'ana ivo. kusangoda chete kwevakuru vedu

Tentin 4 months ago

We want death sentence for all those who kill intentionally. Death sentence and execution. Kana muchiti hangman akashaikwa, ini ndiri kurida basa racho.

Tkt 4 months ago

Finally a word fro those in direct command.
ok, the comment is not bad but lacks information on the current state/position of the murderer of Dzvetura and a response to what the police put on the plain kuti" attempts to atrest accused failed despite the authorities being informed"

nhai brig, makazo budisa hr mkomana kuti atorwe nana constable - still hamusi kuda naye hanty???

okay but pliz mangwana ibvai mangoita muchi pedza masports officer kuti chiuto chedu chipembedzwe. your officers are continously getting into these dirty acts tarnishing the image of both security services & state bcoz they know kuti havabatike

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