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Zimbabwe By-elections Results: Follow Using The Pindula App

Zimbabwe By-elections Results: Follow Using The Pindula App

With the 26 March By-elections happening tomorrow, many will need a reliable way to follow the results.

We have updated the Pindula App so that you can see results within the app as they are announced. In the app, you will see the seats each political party manages to get. You will also find the breakdown of the House of Assembly votes by the candidate.

You can download the app apk on the Pindula Website here: 

If you already have the Pindula App, please remember to uninstall it before installing this latest version that has the results of the elections.

You can also download it from Google Play here: 

Once the app is installed, to view the election results just click on “Explore” at the bottom of the screen.

Next, select “Elections”. That’s it.

Remember, the Pindula app can be used in Zimbabwe without data bundles (Econet only)

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Noma 2 months ago

pliz send apk ye pindula kwandiri irikuramba send pa number 0789013517

GC 2 months ago

god bless pindura

Kudakwashe 2 months ago

thank you

budas 2 months ago

magona hamawe

Mukepekepe 2 months ago

Football news ndoshoma chete paplatforn yenyu, otherwise zvimwe zvese makarongeka

Pumula 2 months ago

God bress pumula ,old pumula

olpha 2 months ago



Gogodera 2 months ago


Pindula 2 months ago

biased reporting.

Jinn 2 months ago

Am in love with Pindula App

wendam 2 months ago

magona ve pindula keep itup tmr is a zim

wendam 2 months ago

magona ve pindula keep itup tmr is a zim

Chichi 2 months ago

thumps up 👍

messi 2 months ago

sports update pliz

Tineyi Mufandaziva 2 months ago

You are doing a great service

Mark 2 months ago

I have the feeling Pindula is aiming to become the Zimbabwean version of Moya

Never 2 months ago

Pindula u lead and others follow.

citizen 2 months ago

nice you are working for the greater good
but one problem the techzim page why did you make it slow? its now boring even to think about it take 2-3mins just to open , we know its free bt please speed yacho ma1 this is 2022

mzukuru 2 months ago

thank you Pindula kindky advice is it a noble idea f you can develop an app were we are able to search for our utility bills like tellone,water bills and electricity haa no watter bill copies from CoH since november we are jus assuming kuti 4000 mvura as current then we pay up

Chando 2 months ago

bhora mberi pindula

ttttt 2 months ago

thank yu pindula

nyale 2 months ago

thank you pindula love you

Pumura Ordh Pumura 2 months ago

God bress Pindura 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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