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Zimbabwe Born Mandiwanza Becomes First Female Paediatric Neurosurgeon In Ireland

Zimbabwe Born Mandiwanza Becomes First Female Paediatric Neurosurgeon In Ireland

A Harare born Tafadzwa Mandiwanza has sent international headlines buzzing after becoming the first female paediatric neurosurgeon in Ireland.

Mandiwanza said her parents fostered the ambition. Mandiwanza, chatting with the Irish Times:

My mum is a nurse and my dad remembers me telling him when I was three years old that I was going to be a doctor.

I assuage the guilt of being a working mum by being a role model for my girls so that they can achieve whatever they want as long as they are decent human beings.

I don’t think I’d be in this position if I hadn’t had the mentors that I had — people who had my back and offered me advice and encouragement.

I’d like to be available now to mentor other neuro-surgeons — particularly women coming through those long training pathways.

Mandiwanza says she naturally likes to focus and complete precision tasks, one at a time, a character that suits well with her career as she notes, “Every surgeon is a perfectionist.” 

Mandiwanza was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and her husband, Rebabonye Pharithi, is originally from Botswana.  The couple has lived in Ireland for 20 years and all of their children were born there. More: The Herald

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mzukuru 1 month ago

congratulation tete i thinj u need to have 5good years of experience then have your own private surgery its a well paying skill to b a neuro... had a certsin lady who always complain with headache till scanned

th lady was diagnised with brain tummer guess th quote for an operation from neurosur..t was 70000 usd th least charges after running aroung for a quote if u manage to operste at least 5 ppl per eeek u pocket 35ks yuwesi

joeboy 1 month ago

good luck

chibaba 1 month ago

haa msiye arape vemhiri ivsvo kuno hakuna basa

Never 1 month ago

When it comes to IQ. And hardworking am proud to be a Zimbambean.

Jinn 1 month ago

Congratulations ❗

Tindo 1 month ago

Munoda kuti adzoke kwaanopihwa Ever sharp 15 dze blue after every 3 months?


Hulk Hogan 1 month ago

Mabasa ejuju ndomaziva...anoyenda kugehena chete

jay 1 month ago

seek God man its not all about juju its about how keen u want to be successful

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Happy for you, Jah bless you...🙏🏽

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Comeback home n vote CCC...why stay 20yrs in e wilderness..dhudhula will come there you..

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

....and Zimbabwe has nothing to offer to her skill so she offer her service to another country.Its surprising the Herald wants to go to town abt it .

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