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Zimbabwe Begins To Feel Impact Of The Russia-Ukraine War

Zimbabwe Begins To Feel Impact Of The Russia-Ukraine War

Zimbabwe which relies on Russia for at least 50% of its imported wheat is reportedly beginning to feel the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine as the Southern African country’s wheat reserves are running dry.

Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022 citing human rights abuses in that country and since then, trade across the world tumbled.

Wheat from Russia and Ukraine constitutes 40% of the world’s wheat production.

The Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) confirmed the looming crisis this week, saying the country was reliant on the eastern European country that is now fully focused on its attack on Ukraine. GMAZ chairman, Tafadzwa Musarara said:

 “In Zimbabwe, Russian wheat accounts for 50% of our imports and we use it mainly for production of bread flour and self-raising flour.

 The world supply situation is expected to worsen in the next weeks as market speculators dig in. The Russian-Ukraine war is unsettling the world wheat supply matrix and increase in wheat prices are now being felt in Beijing, Egypt, Italy and the entire African countries.

It’s heavily anticipated that Nato countries, 70% of them are wheat producers and exporters, are going to escalate the war and consequently reduce drastically their wheat exporters, as they will be prioritising their national grain cover.

Musarara said the imported wheat in the country was currently 30 per cent and the prices of the commodity have started to surge, and are expected to worsen.

Bread producers said hardly a week into the Russia-Ukraine war, wheat prices have already surged to record levels, with traders panicking as traders fear exports from Ukraine could slow down or stop completely, as Russian troops swoop on the country’s ports.

Exports are being disrupted in Russia, as several companies are stopping business with President Vladimir Putin’s administration.

Zimbabwe’s Agriculture sector, which is currently recovering, used to be the backbone of the country’s economy. Zimbabwe would export Agriculture produce as far as America and Europe.

The Agriculture sector collapsed at the turn of the millennium when Zimbabwe embarked on a chaotic land reform programme that coincided with climate change.

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manuscript 2 months ago

US invaded Cuba in 1960s because Soviet wanted to build military bases in Cuba and brought about the Cuba missile crisis.

Cuba is few miles away from US. So why should NATO and US build a military base in Ukraine which has a long border with Russia? Putin is not stupid. As it stands now NATO and US are unable to launch direct attack on Russia because of the distance.

Putin knows if NATO and US enters Ukraine and establish military base there Russia is finish.

Additionally, NATO and US breached the 1990 treaty which prevents NATO and US from expanding eastwards from the then East Germany.

Today NATO and US are almost everywhere in Europe including Croatia, Poland and other places that are closer to Russia.

Getting closer to Russia means NATO and US missiles can directly hit Russia.

Putin is not stupid.

Putin had been complaining ever since when those expansions began. No one listened.

Let's take a closer look at NATO and US activities recently:

1) Killed Ghadaffi of Libya for no reason. Libya conflict was entirely internal. Libya a once peaceful and prosperous country today lies in ruins with no sober government.

2) Killed Sadaam of Iraqi and destroyed that beautiful country; lying that Iraqi had weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons were found. Today Iraqi lies in ruins with no sober government.

3) Went to Syria and nearly overthrew Asaad had it not being for Russia. Syria lies in ruin but Asaad is in tact while that country is now the platform for terrorists. Syria conflict is/was entirely an internal problem.

4) Went to a peaceful Afghanistan after the Russians left. Today Afghanistan is a total mess.

If NATO and US not checked they will wake up any morning and decide to change a government anywhere anytime in this world.

My fear:

NATO and US has started sending military logistics to Ukraine. This is dangerous. It may lead to the justification by Russia that NATO and US wants to enter Ukraine so that it can launch attacks on Russia. And when this happens China, India, Syria, Iraqi etc and the bad boy N. Korea those staunched allies to Russia will support Russia.

N.Korea in fact has started last Saturday by testing a ballistic missiles.

It's like we are on the eve of a THIRD WORLD WAR.

The WAY out:
To me is for NATO and US to respect the treaty they SIGNED not to expand eastwards towards Russia...i.e they withdraw all the way to Germany or better still just stop were they are right now.

You can't be piling war armouries in front of my veranda with the aim of attacking me and you expect me to throw picnic for that.

This bitter truth you will not read or see in the western media.

dck 2 months ago

Vanoti wheat yatorima ipoor quality haiite kuyita chingwa kkkk mheno ichkwadi here ndakangonzwawo

CCC 2 months ago

Zimbabwe yaora iyi yoda kuitwa engine overhaul.we import everything hanzi heee nyika inovakwa nevene vayo izvo inourawa nevene vayo.were r we going.ngaapinde hake mfana weYELLOW.

Kid 7 2 months ago

Kozvavaita command agriculture ,gorosi racho riripi ravarikurima , isnt it we are supposed to be self sufficient. Izvi zvakungoreva kuti chingwa will became a luxury

Yvt 2 months ago

We used to export wheat, now we are importing it kkkk including a toothpick !!!.izvi zvakungoda wechidiki apinde hake.

surb 2 months ago

nyika inogadzirw nevene vayo kana wheat ngairimwe nevene vayo


🙄 2 months ago

Zimbabwe, The Empty Basket of Africa, begins to feel the impact of its Russian counterpart's stupidity.
We had assumed that Russia will help get sanctions over us removed not knowing that Russia was a small capable of being sanction slammed as well kkkkkkk

Youth 2 months ago

Vanhu they don't understand how powerful America is. Fighting against them financially is a economic suicide. Zanu PF does not want to acknowledge this because they are too stuck up in stupidity

🙄 2 months ago

...a small boy...

factos ☝️ 2 months ago

Haaahhaaa who cares
we the citizens takatemba Millie meal

because of it, we cook amabuns, sadza, umpholokoqo, chimodo

actually rice is just a substitute 😂😆😂

vote CCC

Pidigu Ji 2 months ago

chibage chatsva sadza racho dheng chero gere racho hapachina

Pidigu Ji 2 months ago

Mamama vanodya chingwa isu todya makere

Ba Tadi 2 months ago

Manje gore rino igore re nzara chibage chakatsva nezuva mondinya hacha gore rino sa 2008

2 months ago

Makelanwi 2 months ago

True lies 😂,Who let the dogs out;whooooo whooooo whooooo 🐕🐕🐕

apostle Lennox 2 months ago

ZANU ndeye****

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

There will come a time when the body will seek freedom from the mind and the vise-vesa is true then we will understand the definition of war worse if hit by shortage of donated drugs 🥱

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Umhlaba uvele wona uyahlaba...

Kacha kacha 2 months ago

Impilo isizima shuwa sophelelaphi ngizwela ingane zethu zokhula kabuhlungu

Adv slamey 2 months ago

Saka paya panoitwa load shedding my winter zvichinzi magetsi anenge aendeswa kuvarimi zviya ibhaizi here. Bva pakipa bread basket of Africa zimbahwe

Zvadhakwa 2 months ago

Maiti kurima inyore, muchiti gejo tinaro. Asi zvaiva zviroto kani. Akaimba Thomas Mapfumo. Chinogonekwa nechihurumende chezanu kuba chete. Nothing else. Ngachiende

MT 2 months ago

How can Zim import wheat from Russia yaiva yashaya wheat muAfrica muno here . They jus want to hike bread prices siting a war that is miles away

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

What is happening at Agric Dept . Why not grow wheat within the country . Why import wheat @VeneVayo. Zbc always talks about Command agric , presidential inputs . Why rely with Russia ,the distance between us and them is wide. its a lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lieeeeee!

Gogodera 2 months ago

Putin ndiye ane chigwa ne gas

😴 2 months ago

Isu kuno kwaSadza tagara tichingo ndinya sadza mangwani, masikati nemanheru. Zingwa taripanga. Gorose haticharizivi. Ko zvataingohwa kuti kwahi hai winter wheat kudii dii taitoti tisu tinotoendesa gorose kuRashia nyamba tototenga. Saka minda takatorerei weduweee baba imi

Godaz 2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣kundinya sadza hre kkkkk

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