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Zim Community Solidarity Rescues Elvis Nyathi’s Traumatised Family

Zim Community Solidarity Rescues Elvis Nyathi’s Traumatised Family

The construction of a two-bedroomed house for the Zimbabwean migrant worker to South Africa Elvis Nyathi’s widow, Nomsa Tshuma, and her children is almost complete after well-wishers donated funds for the project.

The house is located in Ntabazinduna, 40km outside Bulawayo along the Harare highway.

Veteran radio presenter Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda, led the efforts within communities and civil society to mobilise resources to help out the family.

Nyathi was brutally killed in the Diepsloot township in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 6 April by an anti-immigrant mob.

In his social media update on the story, Sibanda expressed gratitude to all the people who contributed resources for the construction of the house. He wrote:

I want to take this opportunity to thank the good and kind people who helped us build a home for the late Elvis Nyathi’s family.

The two-roomed house has been completed and was constructed by Elvi’s best friend Prince Mkhwebu who survived being killed on the night his best friend was brutally murdered by Dudula hyenas.

A million thanks to individuals, social media groups, Asakhane, Facebook friends and many other groups for donating funds to buy building material. We have done half the job, good people.

She will need a bigger house in future and also start a project to help sustain herself and look after her children.

MaTshuma is getting much better after the counselling, but needs more courses so is Prince who needs medical attention to operate his ear raptured by those Dudula thugs.

Sibanda also revealed that Nyathi’s children are finally all in school. He said:

I thank Nhlambabaloyi Secondary School, its head and teachers for accepting Khumbulani Nyathi as a new student to their school. He is now a happy boy.

The other siblings Sandisiwe and Mike Nyathi are doing amazingly and coping well at Nhlambabaloyi Primary School and I appreciate the teachers for working so hard in integrating and giving counselling to the two kids.

The older brother Melusi completed his ‘O’ Level and needs a job to work and look after his mother and his siblings.

Any donations of any kind, including clothing, blankets, food etc, will always be appreciated.

Thank you Slice Pizzeria for the treat, they loved your pizza and it’s the best in town!

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tc 1 week ago

makaitabasa mai nevana vanonyaradzikawo

Devine 1 week ago

May God bless those who contributed

muchembere 1 week ago

Jack hupenyu unosiyana musadaro.Kana kwenyu zvakanaka thats it kwete kushaina zvakadaro

i 1 week ago

Jack ani zviya watii nenhau yemushakabvu ???iweka famba nezvimwe bhurukwa **** hariyedzwe..ndapedza newe soooo

Tateguru 1 week ago

Thanks to all the good hearts put there. God will repay you richly


Anonymous 1 week ago

May God bless all those who assisted in whatever kind be it goods, cash, emotional, or presence. Makapa vasina tariro vakaona Mwari. Rambai muchishandiswa naShe..This is honourable

Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

help everyone who is need one by one that's Ubuntu, nyika inovakwa nevene vayo 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 hallelujah God bless you all,............Siya

zee 1 week ago

May the good Lord reward you Dawu for the concern and everyone who took it upon themselves to stand with this family. Some might not had the funds to donate but the sympathy and prayers went a long way. As a garden worker I'm sure Elvis one day dreamt of building a shelter for his family but that opportunity hadn't come. We appreciate the kind gesture and the spirit of ubuntu not forgetting the state assisted funeral. Even those doing counseling services mina ngiyabonga kakhulu for all the good. Mwari vatibatsire hama kuti tidzidze kutenda patinofanirwa kuti titende. chokwadi handiwese anogona kuitirwa zvakanaka asi anenge aitirwa tinotenda zvakanyanya

Tkt 1 week ago

Wow, this is great. @Sparrow wangu zvichaku wanawo mangwana. Ndato pedza apa

jack Daniel 1 week ago

haaa jacksparow ringori dende, nhava izere mhepo. kurwadziwa nekufunga kwacho kotoda nyasha

mama Bee 1 week ago

@Nono muregererei uyu mwana wa mujibha na chimbwido angafugei kana kuzivei

Nono 1 week ago

Thank you for remembering this needy family.Captain Jack Sparrow hupenyu hauna formula mufunge

Dhuterere 1 week ago

muitirewo vamwe vese they are a lot of people who died in these xenophobic attacks since then hope you will follow their families for assistance

🗣️The voiceless 1 week ago

these are the ones to rally for not bamwe bese

Kacha kacha 1 week ago

Siyabonga Dawu ngomsebenzi omuhle

Gwereveshe 1 week ago

Let's hope nobody snatches his wife in the spirit of donations. If we are told her family including herself are copying up so early it means Gwereveshe rapindira pachitubu

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

Much ado about nothing! His death was brutal but at such an age staying in the slums of SA after decades of living there, it shows how much of an irresponsible person he was! Truth be told if we go about helping every person in need at the end of the day you will be the person in need. A person with a family should prioritise his family and at least live them with a roof over their heads kwete zveuyu arikuvhaira ne2 roomed house nepizza nxaaaa

**** kanyoko 1 week ago

Whata a CUNT!!

Anonymous 1 week ago

@jacksparrow u should know that its not comfortable to b in SA, dai mari yaiwanikwa tese tinadzo dzimba bt eish, zvotoramba mukoma wangu asi tichizama. Kutoshinga kutotadza kurara mumba zvichiramba

" 1 week ago

Jack hauna kukwana

biggie smalls 1 week ago

cold blooded reptile

ppp 1 week ago

Your reward is from God Tshisa.Thank you

Marcus 1 week ago

Thumps up Ezra and your team more grease on your elbows dai ari Freddy akutotsvetsva mkadzi ipapa

Tshisa 1 week ago

God bless you Ezra and those who made an effort for this family to be under a roof after going through such a trumatising killing

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Muzimbabwe tinema billionaires nema millionaires but none of them akatenga kana cabbage zvayo parufu pa Elvis kuita sekuti mari dzavo ndedze darkness dzisingadi light 😂
thank you Ezra...😍

poorvho 1 week ago

Muchawo Iidhiii achiwuya ne convoy yake yemaPrado to commission the house

trr 1 week ago

God Bless you all kune zvese vakabatsira mhuri iyi

Oskid 1 week ago

Vana ED nana Scott kungozviti mune mari muchitadza kubatsira nherera mhondi nxaa

bishu 1 week ago

paratidzwa hunhu apa.

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