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ZIFA To Make Example Of Binga Pirates After Fans Assault Referee

ZIFA To Make Example Of Binga Pirates After Fans Assault Referee

ZIFA Southern Region chairman Andrew Tapela says Binga Pirates Football Club will be punished for failing to control its fans during a Division One league match last weekend.

Binga Pirates fans attacked referee Hardly Ndazi at the end of the match in Binga where ZPC Hwange came from behind to beat the hosts 2-1.

Ndazi was beaten up for allegedly awarding a dubious penalty to ZPC Hwange.

Reports suggest that Binga Pirates’ technical staff pushed Ndazi before he was attacked by a group of fans.

Tapela indicated that Binga Pirates may be suspended from playing home matches until investigations are concluded. He said:

As the executive, we only act after receiving reports from the referees, match commissioner, the police and both teams involved.

Upon receipt of these, the executive committee then passes on the responsibility to the disciplinary committee, which is independent of the executive.

Once they come up with a determination, it will be up to the executive to act on that determination.

We condemn in the strongest terms the events in Binga. On the basis of the fact that never at any given time should individuals, coaches, players or referees be molested because of certain suspicions.

If you start interpreting things better than the referee then clearly we have a problem. We are going to send a very big message and an example of the perpetrators.

While the reports are being compiled, the executive committee will be taking some administrative measures which we will act on while these other processes are being worked on.

For example, it is risky to say to a team continues playing while we have not sorted this mess.

You can’t beat up someone today and we say play again at home tomorrow. We have not judged the matter, but we have to put in place punitive measures while investigations are ongoing.

Binga Pirates sit in 12th place on the 18-team league table with 12 points from 11 games.

They have won four games and lost seven in the process.

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Sean 1 month ago

ZIFA is the blame for all the problems that occurred in Binga.The grounds should be secured to insure the safety of both players, referees and the fans themslves.Remember rot stert from the head.The assertion that X started the fracas is invalid.If security measures had been put in place all would be well.I doubt if all covid 19 protocols were even followed by ZIFA at those grounds. ZIFA lives in a glass house and likes throwing stones !

ZIFA BOSS 1 month ago

Dembare fans missed you but not this time.Ok tough luck.

nimrod mandishona 1 month ago

uyo anonzi ndazi regai amamiswe akadhakwa chero mu psl aiita zvakadhakwa akamama

🤨🤨 1 month ago


🤨🤨 1 month ago

Makapiwa pembe imi munoiridza here imi Musa shore vamwe apa imbembe adzisi monbe

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 1 month ago

This is how they get punished for the X on the 26th of March ! hidden agenda siyayazi izinja pf

1 month ago


Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Binga Pirates are in big trouble even before the reports are in. Even before the disciplinary proceedings commence.

Aya ndiwo ma1&2 chaiwo

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