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"ZIFA Had Been Turned Into A Fiefdom By A Few Administrators"

Acting Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) president Gift Banda said that all stakeholders should be involved in finding lasting solutions to the challenges bedevilling local football.

Banda was recently installed as the interim chairman after the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended ZIFA president Felton Kamambo and some members of his board.

Speaking to The Herald on Monday, Banda said ZIFA had been turned into a fiefdom by a few elite administrators who were shutting out other football stakeholders to protect their selfish interests. Said, Banda:

It’s high time we include everyone in our football. There are some people who felt they were being shut out of our football so we would want everyone to have a say going forward.

Former players, administrators, supporters and all the other key stakeholders should come together for this purpose.

Everyone agrees that there is something wrong with the way our football was being run. We need to get our football back to the factory settings.

It’s not about just playing football without addressing the fundamentals because we will never go anywhere. It doesn’t help to play in tournaments and lose continuously.

We need to address issues via continuous engagements with all the stakeholders so that we become competitive again.

If we involve everyone and push in one direction, we can succeed.

Probably the only people who are afraid to have people around are the ones who are afraid are the ones who know they have been doing things wrongly.

But this board is saying we want inclusivity. We can’t have a situation where we want good and cordial relations with the Government and SRC only when we want money. That’s unfair.

More: The Herald

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Calastine Babayaro 3 weeks ago

everything in Zimbabwe needs overhaul

Gurundoro 4 weeks ago

Worst zifa run in Zim history. It's on auto pilot. Minister Hass has no clue to develop sports.

Phillip Mutambi 4 weeks ago

Whenever the name Zifa is mentioned i get very sick .

Dirigsme 4 weeks ago

Football administration the Zanu way will not work. As long as you get your instructions from the regime we will never develop. Just like sanctions on this gvt u and your Zifa will not get a reprieve from FIFA so long the in law of a despot is on the reign. FIFA is enraged by dirty characters such as Kuda Tagwireyi involvement in Dynamos and Highlanders. Yes he is sponsoring but his blood money is the root cause of the spanners.

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

It is true #Asalif, we now want to be told about the roadmap back to FIFA fold. We want to know what remedies Gift Banda and SRC are doing to take us back to playing international football again.





Zim Voice 4 weeks ago

The solution is Restoring the Felton Kamambo Administration, not what you are doing there, entering thru backdoor. Step aside or resign.

Tateguru 4 weeks ago

We need leaders in organizations, not mere managers.
Leaders are people who do the right things while managers are people who do things right.
We want right things not things done right.

Jonah chibadura 3 weeks ago

Aah tagenguru... We want things done right. The right it may not be right

Asalif 4 weeks ago

ZIFA stories are now boring they should tell us when they are reinstated to FIFA not just making noise without anything progressive they are acting like Mtuli Ncube who is allover the News with him his implementations and new policies but nothing fruitful comes out

Sekuru waBona 4 weeks ago

welcome back @Asalif

chese chinobatwa nezanu chinoparara even mumarriage chaimo mukadzi akangotanga zve zanu imba yake inoparara

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