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Zex Manatsa’s Son Born Out Of Wedlock Surfaces, 38 Years Later

Zex Manatsa’s Son Born Out Of Wedlock Surfaces, 38 Years Later

The late legendary musician Zex Manatsa’s son, who was born out of wedlock, wants to be identified with his real family and has since filed a change of surname notice.

Givemore Kudakwashe Madziya (38), said his relationship with his late father was good, despite being raised by a stepfather. He said:

Waking up each and every single day knowing that my dad is there always gave me that extra strength to face life’s obstacles and also wanting to emulate him.

He was a role model to many, and he was to me, as well.

On changing his surname at 38, Givemore said it was not his decision, but “God’s”. He added:

Besides, I have been a Manatsa since birth. It is now, where I am only making a correction of what might have been a mistake so that I re-discover the inner me.

I cannot keep running away from my own shadow, my blood is Manatsa and I have to do what is right by carrying my true identity.

He also said he was on good terms with Manatsa’s other children, Green, Aaron, Tendai, Freedom, Shingi and Taku.

He, however, refused to reveal his mother’s identity but spoke highly of his stepfather who raised him up. Said Givemore:

My mom is a very reserved person, hence publishing her name might drag her into the limelight from the media.

All I can say is that she is my number one role model and I am very proud of her.

… Growing up under the wings of my stepdad helped me a lot in becoming the man that I am today.

He was very supportive and did not segregate me from my other siblings (his kids).

We were all treated equally and for that, I will always be thankful to him. He has a golden heart.

Givemore’s half-brother, Green Manatsa, said he has always been part of his family. Said Manatsa:

He is one of us and there is no way we can hide it. He made the right decision to change his surname because it is every child’s wish to be identified with his blood.

We are always in touch and we do consult each other when there are family matters.

Zex Manatsa died in January this year after a long battle with cancer. He was 78.

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