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ZESA Switches Off Defaulting Farmers

ZESA Switches Off Defaulting Farmers

Power utility ZESA Holdings’ electricity distribution unit, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has started switching off farmers across the country over the ZWL$1 billion it is owed by the farming community.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) president, Shadreck Makombe, told Business Weekly that the disconnections will likely compromise yields, especially for winter wheat growers. Said Makombe:

Farmers now experience quite some challenges and some are complaining of being switched off because there was an understanding that for those who are owing, a stop order mechanism can be done so that when they deliver their wheat to GMB (Grain Marketing Board) ZESA can thus recoup their dues.

And we thought there was an understanding in that regard. In some areas now it’s really a challenge because the power supply is quite erratic as they are being switched off.

So, we are appealing to ZESA to bear with us. There are some who are owing and we know it shouldn’t be like that but circumstances differ.

But if somebody has got the wheat and then you switch off, how do you expect that person to pay and by doing so? They are even destroying the farmer.

ZETDC acting chief executive officer Howard Choga, in a separate interview, said the farmers were owing over $1 billion.

Meanwhile, Makombe said part of the electricity bills were accrued by some previous farmers who occupied the farms. He said:

We are querying that amount because you would find some of the money is not necessarily of the current farmers.

So, based on the argument that some farmers who were sitting on these farms were owing, it becomes a legacy debt.

We are saying ZESA should also spruce up their debt because the figure here can be big but we were saying if you go farmer by farmer, it may not be like that.

And of course, notwithstanding the fact, we are encouraging our farmers to pay their bills because if we don’t pay energy, it’s not only an enabler but a major key player in our business.

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Fari 1 month ago

Heyaa pamakatora minda yevanhu zvimwe zvese zvavaiva nazvo makatora by ginya asi zvikwereti zvavaiva nazvo moti hatidi. Ibvai matora zvese nezvikwereti zvacho, kana musingadi dzosai zvese

Stambo 1 month ago

@e, nyora nemutauro waunogona hama yangu. Chirungu charamba kubuda apa. I can imagine you, @e, making a presentation before a sizeable audience - in broken English ! It's gonna be broken English galore.....e, nyora nemutauro waunogona hama yangu. Chirungu charamba kubuda apa hama yangu. In this instance, one can easily conclude that you're in a habit of abusing the Queen's language boy and you risk being summoned to the House of Comons in the UK to answer to charges of "English language abuse". I can imagine you, @e, making a presentation before a sizeable audience - in broken English of yours ! It's gonna be broken English galore....😁😁😁

e 1 month ago

the whites ddnt left any arrears to zesa or zinwa they were up todate with their bills,th land grabbers are the ppl who took everything which were on th farm fuel,ready 4 market yield,farm house even all cutllery they grabbed it now they are broke and survives by sellig pfumvudza inputs to buy Honda fit for mushika shika

Dept collector 1 month ago

These farmers (cry babies) have poor mentalities,, expect everything to be free. Pay your bills chete chete.


Generation of electricity costs money. It then goes to say consumers of electricity must pay so that ZESA sustains itself.

ZESA needs to pay 6.3 usd to ZESCO, Zambia electricity utility so that it starts getting 100 mega wats by 1 December 2022.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

xoxo 1 month ago

haiwa zesa kudii. sir wickineri ngavadzose 5m yavakatora

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Farmers must know that farming is a business on its own. Having said that, essential utilities, such as electricity, form part of the expenditure items for a business. Given this background, one would expect farmers to provide for electricity usage (as an expense) when formulating their annual budgets just like any other business. By switching off defaulting farmers, the power utility company is simply enforcing its trading terms. In simple terms, no business can survive if its debtors are not paying while the same debtors are enjoying uninterrupted supply of the commodity in question. Certainly, drastic measures will have to be taken at some point - ZESA has done exactly that !! Unfortunately, productivity in farms will definitely be affected, albeit in a negative way, and this calls for the affected farmers to seriously engage ZESA for firm commitments (payment plans) to settle their respective debts. #NGATIBHADHEREI MAGETSI VEDUWE

Hwesa 1 month ago

Ngava bhadhare.


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