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ZESA Outlines Roadmap To Address Power Generation And Supply Deficit

ZESA Outlines Roadmap To Address Power Generation And Supply Deficit

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has outlined a roadmap to address power generation and supply deficit, bolstering efficient industry operations as well as facilitating speedy connection of domestic customers.

Official statistics say the country’s power generation is currently subdued at around 1 300MW with demand hovering around 1 750MW.

The service gap has resulted in continued power cuts, which industry leaders partly blame for frustrating production amid costly imports from regional producers, which drain scarce foreign currency resources from the economy.

The country’s energy demand is expected to reach 3 943MW by 2025 from an estimated 2 270MW this year, jumping to about 5 177M by 2030.

The local power utility says the short to medium interventions were already being implemented to ease the energy burden.

ZESA’s internal consultant responsible for international business, Engineer Cletus Nyachowe, who represented executive chairman, Sydney Gata during the Chamber of Mines in Zimbabwe Conference in Victoria Falls last Friday, said:

We have secured US$310 million from India Exim Bank for Hwange Thermal Power Station units 1-6 life extension and rehabilitation. Our team was in India last week over that and something is happening.

Once the money is disbursed, we will channel it to rehabilitating the units and this would give us additional 350MW to 400MW of electricity in addition to the current output.

This means we will in the short-term be able to generate up to 750MW at Hwange from the current 323MW.

He also told delegates that the US$1.4 billion Hwange units 7 and 8 expansion project was nearing completion and would inject an additional 600MW, beginning with the first unit commissioning set for November 2022.

Nyachowe added that ZESA had successfully negotiated for about 150MW imports from neighbouring EDM (Electricidade de Mocambique), whose drawdown would immediately commence once payments are made.

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Muchoni Mangisi 2 weeks ago

Zvimwe zvangove zvekutsvaga kuti mari yobuda sei. No mention of solar power projects, kana yekuDema iye... We wus robbed! 🤞

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

2020 you said 2021 there wont be Zesa problems coz units at Hwange will be done 😀

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

I agree with @Freda that citizens are sick and tired of the same old story about ZESA improving generation. If there are things that this administration has failed to improve, one them is electricity generation. All the time we are told that electricity is going to improve with the refurbishment of units such and such. Refurbishment of units at Hwange does not end. When the Kariba Hydro refurbishment was taking place, we were being told that the generation was going to improve, as citizens we do not see the improvement. Load shading is still continuing. It is the same old story. Citizens are always reeling under monthly tariffs increments.




Freda 2 weeks ago

Same old sh¡t jst a different day.

Mafirakureva 2 weeks ago

In Nigeria they say, "Same sHiť , different toilet"

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