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ZESA Hikes Electricity Tariffs Effective 1 January 2022

ZESA Hikes Electricity Tariffs Effective 1 January 2022

The Zimbabwe Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), ZESA’s power distribution subsidiary, has hiked electricity tariffs with effect from 1 January 2022. ZETDC said:

It is hereby notified that the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority has, in terms of section 53 of the Electricity Act [Chapter 13:19], approved the following prices for the supply of electricity to customers with effect from 1 January 2022. This is a 12.3% indexation formula adjustment shortfall. Note that the prices are in ZWL.

For Domestic Metered Customers (Conventional Meter), the fixed monthly charge is $35.68. The energy charge per kWh is as follows:

(i) 1st to 50 kWh – $2.38

(ii) 51 to 100 kWh – $4.77

(iii) 101 to 200 kWh – $8.36

(iv) 201 to 300 kWh – $11.93

(v) 300 to 400 kWh – $13.71

(vi) Balance – $14.31


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Tkt 4 months ago

you can ask again

Chief 4 months ago

Guys don't just complain, i calculated the cost of 300kWh and it only cost $2534 including the REA level (6%). Zimbabwean electricity is still the cheapest in SADC. Please lets say positive things about our nation. Happy new year my dear fellas

Chief 4 months ago

@shylet next time purchase your token from from zesa vending point or use ecocash vamwe they buy in bulk so that they can make profit especially OK

Shylet Chinono 4 months ago

Token 0325 5473 7323 9648 0544
Meter 371
Kwh 212.50
Energy: $2,489.63
Debt: $0.00
REA: $145.82
VAT: $364.55
Amt: $3,000.00
01/01/22 12:42:52

MuGrade 2 4 months ago

Best comment so far


Makelanwi 4 months ago

I am lost with vaccination statistics,you mean up to now Herd immunity still pending?

Gaffer 4 months ago

Poor ppl always think they got great ideas.. great business ideas.. political n military ideas...buh why don't put their ideas into test n see whether they are useful or Valueless??? Definitely th e so-called brilliant ideas will succumb..

Tkt 4 months ago

Taura hako @Tanaka ko why vasina kungoti with effect from 1 FEB,
Happy NewYear @Nkust, pakaipa mwana wamai kwanzi neumwe contributions from a POVO, thats why tisinga ende mberi kugara taka tarisirana pasi always


😴 4 months ago

Are you saying Pindula haina dhiri as a platform because it's homegrown? Kubvunzao hangu chete.
I think it is equally good a platform. Just like any other social media platforms. The challenge is just that because they are generally viewed as platforms were decisive elements, use to attack authorities they are just not taken seriously. And half the time it's true. It's not only about Pindula but every other platform.
Haven't you heard our president say, at one point, "Zimbabwe haina kusungurwa nesocial media"
Even ana Facebook kwacho nana Twitter tiriko and do comment the same. Sometimes, we tend to think everyone who uses this platform as a poor nobody noooo.

Elyse 4 months ago

You can directly contribute through Twitter, Facebook n so think your contribution is worth e salt???

Tanaka21 4 months ago

Iwo wanhu we ZESA hawaende ku holiday here

Nkust 4 months ago

Thanks to Nimrod, Oppressed and others for wishing us pindula news readers a happy new year totenda zvikuru zvatoitigwa dai zvirizvo zvamoitigwavo, meanwhile let's petition pindula to take our comments to relevant authorities we are not children here we want to be heard some of the comments here makes sense better than what other ministers think and suggest muma cabinet meetings umu like for example though him not being a minister but you can't compare what Jabby Jaboon can suggest to some of the comments from ana Tkt, Bush lawyer, ana odza nana terminator comments on this forum can give our country a better shape

Anonymous 4 months ago

Let's also recruit more people to use this platform.Sharing is caring

Tkt 4 months ago


kkk sure hr kuti kablaz kamfana kaOMICRON kari pending, kkkkk haaa wangu tadii kungo siyana nazvo zvema loki izvi

Kakistocracy 🤣Muchakaka 4 months ago

Welcome 2022.
Extended lockdown, schools not opening until further notice, electricity tarrifs hiked, third jabs before we get herd immunity... and so much more including blaz waOmicron who will be with us soon.
Bring it on.

Tkt 4 months ago

Kkkk ma 1 takagara tazviona isu vamwe kuti this was coming

D1vant 4 months ago

I knew this was coming with the so called 'scheduled maintenance' statement. What an ambush as always from the authorities

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