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ZESA Gives Prepaid Customers Three-month Ultimatum To Clear Debts

ZESA Gives Prepaid Customers Three-month Ultimatum To Clear Debts

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has given a three-month ultimatum to its prepaid customers to clear their outstanding debts.

In a statement, ZETDC said customers should have cleared their debts by June 2022. Read the statement:

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) would like to thank its valued customers for positively responding to the call to clear the outstanding balances.

Further to the seven-day moratorium that was given to defaulting post-paid customers, Prepaid customers with outstanding debt are hereby notified to clear their outstanding debt within the next three months ending June 2022.

A three month period has been extended for owing customers on prepaid meters to clear their debts with the expectation that the customers will clear at least a third of their debt before they can purchase power for the month.

It is expected that a third of the debt be paid by April 2022 and the final third be paid by June 2022. After the 3 months, the full amount owing should be cleared before any purchase can be made.

The value of the outstanding debt that has not been cleared through the current 50% redemption on token purchases has not been able to retire the debt over the years and the Authority cannot afford to have service delivery getting compromised by the debt overhang.

Customers are advised to register their accounts on the ZETDC self-service portal ( to enable them to check their debt balances or refer to their latest ZETDC Purchase Token Receipt or visit the nearest ZETDC office.

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Maravaza 3 months ago

ZESA is demanding payment but her customers in Bulawayo have been struggling to pay bills for the past four months in vain the reason being no network. ZESA must be serious.

Sibongile panzedzi 3 months ago

Mr mtwakazi will you go public with your story Go to the media houses and tell your story of killing innocent pple

Black labela 3 months ago

May Putin locate you where ever you are.....!

THE FIEND 3 months ago


mthwakazi republic president 3 months ago

team very sorry i would like to confess whats haunting me before i breath last

i gave myself this name for pushing a certain agenda which iam not at liberty to share here

during Gukurahundi i was the chief sellout in matebeleland

i lived in Bubi by then i liason with 5th brigade and was used as an informer and sellout the people of matebeland

the 5th brigade gave me money,dagga,cigarretes and some one day home brewed beer so that i wont fear to kill

i was the first person to get a gun and shot a pregnant woman via th belly and the foetus was exposed ,i killed her with kitchen knife

i also burnt several houses while people were in

The spirit of the deceased is haunting me i dnt know if they are spiritual healer in Zim who can clease me and by family
i feel i had incizi which keeps hauting me

during the night i usually dont sleep i see people coming with spears and want to pierce me and it drives me out of my bed and i will be seated on the corner in my one room smoking dagga till the next morning

in 2008 i also contributed to grissy human massacre while supporting Mugabe

THE FIEND 3 months ago


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