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ZESA Fines ZANU PF MP For By-passing Electricity Meter At Farm

ZESA Fines ZANU PF MP For By-passing Electricity Meter At Farm

Chiredzi West Member of Parliament, Farai Musikavanhu (ZANU PF), was caught by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) allegedly by-passing electricity at his 100-hectare farm in Mkwasine.

Musikavanhu, however, denies the allegations and blames his electrician for the incident which prejudiced the power utility of an undisclosed amount of money.

The illegal electricity connection at the former Tongaat Hulett Zimbabwe (THZ) Agriculture Director’s farm was discovered by the ZETDC Loss Control department.

ZETDC had launched a blitz to investigate those who were prejudicing the power company in the Lowveld through by-passing electricity.

During the investigations, ZETDC discovered that Musikavanhu’s farm had been escaping higher electricity bills by bypassing the electricity meter.

In an interview with TellZim News Musikavanhu entirely blamed his electrician for the issue, adding he had paid the fine. He said:

I was not aware that the electrician who maintains my system had made an error willingly so I paid the fine and ZESA has since reconnected the power.

Musikavanhu did not state if he had noted the anomaly on payment of ZESA bills as the electrician had no benefits for by-passing electricity at his employer’s farm.

ZETDC Communication and Marketing Officer Prosper Mutswiri refused to comment for a specific customer, saying the information is private and confidential.

He said a police report is made once it is discovered that there is a meter by-pass. Said Mutswiri:

On discovery of a meter by-pass, the case is reported to the police as per Electricity Act Chapter 13:19 section 60A (1).

In addition, as per the company’s policies and procedures, the point of supply is disconnected, equipment recovered and an assessment of prejudice and administration costs is done and the customer account is levied with the charges.

The point of power supply is reconnected when the customer has settled the administration costs and the prejudice.

Musikavanhu is not new to controversy. A few years ago, he was once accused of sabotaging Chiredzi Poly Clinic and the community at large.

Musikavanhu allegedly ordered state of the art electric beds which had been donated to the clinic by a UK-based businessman, John Manganye out of the maternity ward.

The equipment was left in open at the mercy of weather elements. 

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ni 2 weeks ago

kupinza mbavha yakadai pahu mp rubbish

Asalif 2 weeks ago

10 years imprisonment when you temper with prepaid meters

Swagger 2 weeks ago

bypass again they wil not arrest you.zanupf wil protect you

VaChasura 2 weeks ago

This should be 30 years behind bars

Mafirakureva 2 weeks ago

Ndiye here wekuvhoterwa nenzimbe gore riya?
Yaaa mhani, chitsotsi chacho chakanyanyisa

Manikiniki 2 weeks ago

This MP is nothing different from a common thief and should be behind bars. There is an element of favour in this judgement. Zanu should just go mnxaaa.


SamePerson 2 weeks ago

Musikavanhu or Blue 💙

Dirigsme 2 weeks ago

George Charamba does not have lexicon ****nary to assail this zany thief. If at all he does the blame will be appropriated to sanctions & the opposition. His plethora of the Queen's language will be used unsparingly on how CCC & it's cronies have taught law-abiding Zanu cadres how to bypass Zesa cablings blaa blaa. The mouth blabbering Zhorizho Chalamba would have burnt the candle scanning for all superlatives to fill acres of venom had it been a CCC MP. Unfortunately everything evil is synonymous with the ruling regime. And Jojo is the defender of the offender.

sekuru waBona 2 weeks ago

dai Ari we opposition or government critic dai vakomana ve law and order vasvika kare nemacamera ezbc

izvozvi dai zbc, herald, ndabamaningi mangwana na charamba vari busy patwitter

The Adjudicator 2 weeks ago

I wonder what kind of pple who vote for such a poor minded thief.Apa he is so cruel and jelousy.I wld not need such a person as my neighbour.

User 2 weeks ago

ZANU PF MP involved

Ed 2 weeks ago

Vakatoomerwawo vanhu ve zanu

kz 2 weeks ago

abvisa fine bcz ndewe zanu dai anga ari we CCC atovharirwaso

linox 2 weeks ago

level of charge guys , kkkkk let's look both sides

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