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ZESA Erects Electricity Pole In The Middle Of A Road

ZESA Erects Electricity Pole In The Middle Of A Road

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has put the lives of motorists in Beitbridge town at risk after it erected an electricity pole in the middle of a road.

The electricity pole is in the middle of a newly surfaced road in the Vhembe View suburb along Acacia Drive.

Residents blamed poor coordination between the local municipality and ZETDC, the power distribution arm of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) for the development.

Reports indicate that a master-plan mix-up resulted in Beitbridge Town Council constructing the road under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP) which cuts through a powerline.

Beitbridge East legislator, Albert Nguluvhe (ZANU PF), urged ZETDC to reroute the powerline as a matter of urgency. Said Nguluvhe:

This is an error which needs to be addressed as soon as yesterday. I strongly advise ZETDC to reroute the powerline by removing that pole, which seems logical.

Beitbridge mayor Councillor Munyaradzi Chitsunge seemed to blame the power utility for the development. He said:

As a local authority, we have no control over ZETDC, and it appears they could have misread the master plan resulting in this current crisis and they are taking their time to remove that pole.

However, we are hopeful that the issue will be amicably resolved in the shortest possible time.

A senior ZETDC official told The Herald that the necessary paperwork had been processed by relevant authorities to allow them to reroute the powerline. The official said:

As you are aware, we don’t just put a powerline without getting approval from the concerned local authority in terms of paying for wayleaves.

That powerline has been there for a very long time before the road’s construction and we suspect there was a mix-up on the council side.

We appreciate the drive to modernise the town’s roads by the government. So in the interest of progress, the necessary paperwork has been processed to remove that pole and use another route for our electricity line.

Meanwhile, Mitchel Mapfumo, a resident, said if the matter was not urgently attended to, lives could be lost, especially by motorists driving down the road at night.

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🤦 2 weeks ago

Thus a sign of being dull, total confusing, total ignorance. in short thus being mental disturb.
Under normal circumstances nothing like that could have taken place.

Stallion 2 weeks ago

Ndozvinoiita sangano revasina pfungwa engineers from all stake holders were there artizens etc and they approved the job only to be noticed by ordinary people zvava kuzvitaridza zvazviri how can you vote for such poor brains

luckrose 2 weeks ago

fo the y kkkk akachera anoda shamu

Tom 2 weeks ago

ma sanction akonzeresa

Stranger From the Forest 2 weeks ago

Haaaa ndezvembanje chete izvo

mubocha wekwaMutare so 2 weeks ago

mubocha wekwaMutare 😂😅😆🤣🤣🤣😛😀😃😄😆😄😃😀🤣😂😅😆😁🤩🤩😭

mubocha wekwaMutare 2 weeks ago

Mazanupf aakunzarauka manj


Blue 2 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂 Haaah see most head offices are operated by people with no brains

gamba 2 weeks ago


JC 2 weeks ago

Say no to drugs 🚭⚠️

Uhuru 2 weeks ago

kana pole rariripo pakutanga, aiisa road aigayei paakaona pole riripakat pemugwagwa? zvimwe hazvidi kuudzirwa munhu, shld hev raised the flag & potoitwa plan ipapo ipapo

Uhuru Kenyatta 2 weeks ago

iwewe Uhuru Uri bhambi siyana nezita rangu ini mu kenyan

p.k man 2 weeks ago

ngavasiye mbanje vanhu kana vakuita zvebsa

p.k junkman 2 weeks ago

iwewe ndiwe wakauya nepurasitiki rembanje wakutaura zvekudaro handiti waiti unogona kusunga chamba

p.k man 2 weeks ago

zvakaoma sure

p.k man 2 weeks ago

kuomei iwewe uchiisa mbanje musadza

Chihera Wepamoyo 2 weeks ago

Kana Mine ichigona kuita mumba kana paresidential stand yemuridzi ko pole reZesa rotadza nei kuita muroad.

chihera we****vhita 2 weeks ago

ndichakukambura chete iwewe

BB & CB 2 weeks ago

Council is to blame Zesa put the pole first and council made a road where the pole was.

BB & CB 2 weeks ago

tibvirepo unozivei ne**** yako iyoyi

😖😖 2 weeks ago

Proud of being a Zimbabwe. sometimes unoita chikweee wega soo. aaaah yaa

(눈‸눈)(눈‸눈) 2 weeks ago

dzikama mubhurandaya wakauya kuno uchitevedza njanji

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

ZETDC📞:Chiregai henyu kuuya engineer anonymous tawana umwe akachipa

Mhondoro 2 weeks ago

When they talk about sabotage and a third hand this is clearly it. Zesa in its right mind wouldn’t do such. The perpetrators wanted zesa to headline in such nonsense for they dragged zesa name and reputation in the dirt. These days magetsi haachaendi zvekudaro asi ndopaunoona rimwe rine zvivindi zvekucherera pole pakati pe road. I beg to differ I defend zesa. If it was zesa who did this it could have been done and captured during the day and spread viral like a wildfire but it shows up in the morning meaning pane dutye risingagone kufunga rakasviita overnight. Shame on yuuu

mutant 2 weeks ago

zviiko izvozvi.

mutant x 2 weeks ago

zvimuzharara zvezvimukede pataundi

Observer 2 weeks ago

Bad reporting since the pole was there before the road. This situation is typical of the incompetence of those in government and is why this country is in the state it is in.
Time to change those managers.

erection observer 2 weeks ago

kustanisa chete hapana chimwe kuita long stani

Liverpool 2 weeks ago

Cry my beloved country 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 🙌🙌🙌🙌 🙌🙌 🙌🙌🙌😭 😭😭😭 😭

loserpool 2 weeks ago


Mr j 2 weeks ago

go and vote for change. Chamisa is real change

Jonah chibadura 2 weeks ago


mudiwa jeneti 2 weeks ago

**** jeneti

taps 2 weeks ago

regai mbanje vakomana

taps og 2 weeks ago

hatirege nekuti tozvitengera isu

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