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'ZESA Customers Who Replace Vandalised Equipment Should Be Reimbursed'

'ZESA Customers Who Replace Vandalised Equipment Should Be Reimbursed'

ZESA customers who buy electricity cables or transformers to replace those that would have been vandalised or stolen are entitled to full compensation, a cabinet minister has said.

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development Magna Mudyiwa said the reimbursement is in the form of electricity units equivalent to the cost of equipment a client would have bought.

In recent years, ZESA has experienced a surge in the theft of its power distribution equipment including electricity cables and transformers leaving some ZESA clients in the dark for months.

Some businesses and individuals end up buying their own equipment to replace stolen or vandalised equipment as ZESA is taking too long to replace such equipment.

Mudyiwa said the standing policy is that consumers who spend their own money to replace vandalised ZESA infrastructure should be compensated but not in cash.

She was responding to Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure (CCC) who had asked if there is a policy to compensate ZESA customers who their money to buy cables to replace those stolen or vandalised. Said Mudyiwa:

There are cases whereby the consumer goes on to buy even a transformer to replace the vandalised one and such consumers are compensated.

ZESA will credit such consumers’ accounts with electricity equivalent to the money spent.

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Maparamuro 1 month ago

Residents are being fleeced mainly out of ignorance. In some urban residential areas Zesa is asking residents to fund the electrification of their areas but will not get anything in return and yet Zesa goes on to sell electricity to the residents who erected the power lines.
There is too much corruption and ignorance

Chokwadi 1 month ago

Exactly. Unonzwa batanidzai Mari ye pole remagetsi. Pole roughly 70 USD per household. Pole is shared by 4 houses saka.

Trinity 1 month ago

come May we will have gone a whole year without water in macheke pasina mvura patap nothing😔😔 pama by election panemuface wezanu pf anonzi mashoko akauya akati mukasandivhotera mvura amhufe makaiwana and people voted for him 🥺🥺 i doubt we will hear from him again. The residents are now planning to sue Zesa after first trying to sue Zinwa and they swiftly responded by sending an official from harare to tell the residents that it was not zinwa's issue but Zesa's

zesa 1 month ago

i belong to a group here in hillside byo.our cables were.stolen early this yr we put togetyer over 12000usdollars to buy new cables they were replaced but up to now we're being told about logistics and lack of funds they keep.saying in a month still waiting patiently.

zesa 1 month ago

the company is on its knees they should increase tarriffs to avoid load shedding

Da Truth 1 month ago

Now we want to see what the parliament is doing.Bcz it's useless to watch the zombie choir the hypothetical answers from the Majembere home.As in unison then gave their yaaaaa ndizvo Zanupf Chete cute.To every thing now that real man are in the house meaningful debating is done.Vapfama vanotaura idii chaiyo kkkkkkkkk .Chinotimba anga asara ega now team CCC is back double impact on the way.

c 1 month ago

good ldea


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

It is true that such questions are not asked by MPs from the Old People's Home with exception of Cde Chinotimba. Now that we have a true opposition, CCC, in parliament, we will watch and listen to lively debates in parliament.

CCC 1 month ago

Good question ccc MP ndosaka ndichikudai mu parliament.

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