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ZERA Hikes Liquid Petroleum Gas Prices

ZERA Hikes Liquid Petroleum Gas Prices

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) prices for March 2022.

In a public notice this Monday, ZERA set the price of LP gas at US$2.07 and ZWL$268.11 per kilogramme.

In February, the retail price of LP gas was US$2.03 and ZWL$234.15 per kilogramme. This means that in March, consumers will pay US$0.04 and ZWL$33.96 more per kilogramme of LP gas respectively. ZERA said:

Operators are advised to display the prices at their retail outlets at a prominent place in clearly legible letters.

Please note that it is permissible to sell LPG at prices below the prescribed prices depending on one’s trading advantages.

On Friday, ZERA also announced an increase in the price of petrol and diesel. The energy regulator increased the price of diesel to ZWL$195.99 and US$1.51 from ZWL$168.17 and US$1.44 per litre, respectively.

The price of petrol for March is now ZWL$195.72 and US$1.51 per litre, a significant increase from the February price that was capped at ZWL$169.91 and US$1.44, respectively.

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Terminator 5 months ago

Kkkkkk the end of days are near makubva Apo Apo kkkkkkk

guvas 5 months ago

ticha mama

Ghetto Yut 5 months ago

Basa re ZERA nderekukwidza ma price hanty

Zvimbazi 5 months ago


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2 Droid Vpn (netone users) - We were supposed to be working and buying data

3 Boarding a Zupco after waiting for 2hrs .

4 Earning 40 000rtgs and below . Thus is equivalent to 180usd .

5 Supporting Zanu pf after 42 years of NOTHING.

6 Drinking Jolly Juice

7 Sewage

8 Using Pindula

All these are as a result of Poverty

Godaz 5 months ago

PaJolly juice apo pakanyanya🤭🤭🤭

Terminator 5 months ago

Zvimbazi wapedza ma Olympics acho kkkk kwete ma sports.😜🤛sando dzako

Zvimbazi 5 months ago


Tang. Ku 5 months ago

Mnangagwa akwidza futi sezvaakamboita 2019 heheeeeeede,new dispensation maionaka ,kana usina chekukwidza kwidza bhurugwa rako,chaora chizanu chiya Let's all look at YELLOW YELLOW HELLOW YELLOW ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

*factos 5 months ago

Hyellow 💛💛💛💛💛 good people


T@aaa 5 months ago

Uye makambozvionepi kuti pamwedzi wegawega vaneng vachikwidza fuel negas.Haa ngavachienda havo asi kuti vakwidzire mari vanhu ikwane havadi asiivo .Ngapinde hake mkomana

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