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Zelensky Makes Bid For Accelerated Ukrainian Membership With NATO, USA Pushes Back

Zelensky Makes Bid For Accelerated Ukrainian Membership With NATO, USA Pushes Back

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy posted a video to social media Friday that shows him signing a formal bid for an accelerated membership with NATO, a Western alliance.

Zelenskyy said in a statement that accompanied the video:

De facto, we have already made our way to NATO. Today, Ukraine is applying to make it de jure.

This followed Russia’s annexation of four more Ukrainian territories.

But when asked during a briefing whether the alliance would move quickly on the application, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg demurred, VOA News reported. Stoltenberg told reporters:

Our focus now is on providing immediate support to Ukraine, to help Ukraine defend itself against the Russian brutal invasion. 

That is the main focus and the main effort of NATO allies as we speak.

He added saying such support would be forthcoming for as long as it takes.

Officials with NATO and NATO member countries have long said that sovereign nations, like Ukraine, should have the freedom to seek membership in the alliance. 

There has been no rush, however, to grant Ukraine full membership.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters Friday:

Our view is that the best way for us to support Ukraine is through practical on-the-ground support in Ukraine, and that the process in Brussels should be taken up at a different time.

Russia has repeatedly called the possibility of NATO expansion an existential threat while arguing prior to its invasion of Ukraine in February that Ukrainian membership in NATO would be a provocation.

Western and U.S. officials, though, argue Russia’s actions have had the opposite effect, with Sweden and Finland moving to join NATO in July.

The U.S. Senate approved NATO membership for the two countries in August. Only Hungary and Turkey still must ratify their applications for membership.

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1 month ago

Of course US wants to use Ukraine as a proxy no one in NATO would agree to be dragged in a dangerous war

Govt&Politicking 1 month ago

A whole new dispensation were Russia to join Nato..a whole new free and peaceful world .or Nato to join a revived Warsaw and be one big brotherhood world

1 month ago

NATO was formed specifically to attack Russia

Gwedu 1 month ago

Knowing international relations well, and how institutions like NATO, NAFTA, EU among others it's not a rushed process. It takes time but once it's granted there will be no back down. A Tim shall come and reality seen. You only have to imagine if Ukraine was a NATO member and Russia dared annex some of it's territory or invade like this, I tell you!! That is coming on a right moment. Keep you cameras charged and focused for the real drama in the near future. Realism know we'll how each country is selfish and how they are willing to defend their interest.

1 month ago

But they are desperately rushing Finland and Sweden into NATO

Sorojena 1 month ago

Good move, it will neutralize Poo-tin's big brother attitude and also inspire federal states in Russia to deputinize and form their independent states.

Jackie Chan 1 month ago

Zelensky is very ****, the same Americans and Europeans who pushed him into this war are not willing to help him. Infrastructure is being destroyed both buy the Ukraine soldiers and Russian soldiers.Better talk to Putin than to look up to NATO

☻︎ 1 month ago

Was not pushed but is responding to the Poo-tin attack.


gora 1 month ago

urikuda kuita would war lll zvivharane ne Russia

1 month ago

Maybe they'll annex the entire Ukraine 😁😁😁

Youreti 1 month ago

You cant join NATO because you are in a violent conflict wth Russia. If youve seen it important you should have joined some time ago. Nato members wont be rushed to initiate Ukraine because she only wants to join Nato because of her situation. She wants to use Nato's resources for free

anonymous 1 month ago

why comment on issues u have zero info.😡😡😡

Kinzhal missle 1 month ago

The problem with Ukraine is that 50% of their population are ethnic Russians and pro-Russians that's why NATO tried to influence Ukraine to ban Russian Language and culture in order to Separate Ukrainians from Russians...but that's a huge task and even if this war ends there will be likely another civil war.

sadc 1 month ago

Ukraine huya hako kuSADC u are very welcome 🤲🤝

1 month ago

Ukraine is basically Russia and it didn't exist until 30 years ago...Kiev was the first capital of the Russian empire founded by Vladimir Kievan and the empire stretched conquering the entire far east close to the border of Japan....that's why Russia will never allow the Anglo-Americans to step their foot into Ancient Russia.

Soyuz > Crew Dragon 1 month ago

It's Russia's responsibility to protect all Russians in Ukraine coz their heritage got cut off from the fatherland by some **** politicians and its not those people's fault but Russia's fault who let it happen

Sir African 1 month ago

It's also correct to say South Africa has also a vested interest to protect the Ndebele people in Zimbabwe.

1 month ago

Putin tried his best to make peace deal on behalf of the Donbass people but after reaching a peace agreement with Ukraine government in Turkey..the US ordered Zelensky to terminate the peace agreement.

1 month ago

The US will use Zelensky just like how they used Sadam, Osama and Gaddafi.

Dostazi 1 month ago

Zelenski chikorobo che America

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