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ZEC To Discontinue Issuing Voters' Roll On CDs

ZEC To Discontinue Issuing Voters' Roll On CDs

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it will discontinue issuing copies of the voters’ roll to stakeholders on CDs.

ZEC said that the move is to help protect people’s personal data from being shared via social media platforms.

In the past, ZEC had been issuing the voters roll to election stakeholders so that they can analyse it.

ZEC spokesperson Commissioner Jasper Mangwana said that instead of the voters’ roll on CDs, ZEC will be creating an interactive online portal that it will be monitoring. Said Mangwana:

In the future, we are not going to issue the voters’ roll on CDs to candidates and stakeholders.

We are going to create an online portal that is searchable because the voters roll is supposed to be searchable, and this portal can be monitored by ZEC you will be issued with login details to access it and the portal will send an OTP to a local number only.

However, Team Pachedu said the move would be illegal and will make it impossible to audit the voters’ roll. Tweeted Team Pachedu:

Jasper Mangwana says that ZEC will soon stop issuing voters’ rolls on CDs.

ZEC wants to create a monitored online portal where records can only be searched one at a time and will only be accessible in Zimbabwe.

This is illegal and will make auditing impossible!

ZEC and Team Pachedu are involved in a dispute on the issue of the ZEC server which Team Pachedu claims is being hosted by Africom, a company owned by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF).

Mangwana denies that the ZEC server is hosted by Africom, saying it is not in a location that was alleged by Team Pachedu.

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16 Comments 3 weeks ago

dont worry zec we have deal with these kind of online portal we are more than smart we wI'll have it juc wait n watch

😖😖 3 weeks ago

it's Zanu Erectricari Commission

Zuze 3 weeks ago

I always assumed that it was ZANU Erection Commission


Observer 3 weeks ago

If trust ==broken
{trust =new ZEC}
else{error... Trust not found}

ZEC 3 weeks ago

Programming zec systems kkkkk

Ukrain 3 weeks ago

Tipeyiwo update yeRussia me Ukrain

factos 3 weeks ago

if poverty ==ed:
print("poverty is Zanu pf")

print("chamisa chibaba")

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

Kkkkkk hope Pindula team will give us more international news otherwise zvimwe zvese bho

👽 3 weeks ago

enda pa story yakanzi( hwange recalled,,,,,,) kuma comments kunebenzi rakaposta ikoko

inini 3 weeks ago

haaa hapana nyaya apa Ccc ikapusa yarobwa apa

Gabarinocheka 3 weeks ago

moving goal posts in the middle of the match.
will the roll be downloadable,
to enable systematic analysis?

As Usual 3 weeks ago

We will use screen shot style

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

It won't be downloadable since it will be an online interactive portal. Everything you do will be done online, which is just viewing the roll.

pumura 3 weeks ago

kkkkkk ZANU mokwana nayo

Mangwana 3 weeks ago

A typical case of change goal post tactic

pachavo 3 weeks ago

nekut pachedu akubatai muswe

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