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ZEC To Consider New Voter Registration Blitz

ZEC To Consider New Voter Registration Blitz

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it will consider another voter registration blitz towards 2023 after the number of registered voters increased by a paltry 2% in 2022 from 2018.

On Tuesday, ZEC released a statement stating that as of 10 June 2022, the country’s registered voters numbered 5 804 975, a 2% increase from 5 695 706 in 2018.

ZEC said females constitute 53,8% and males 46,1% of the registered voters.

Speaking to NewsDay on Wednesday, ZEC spokesperson Jasper Mangwana said the elections management body will consider conducting another voter registration blitz before the 2023 elections. Said Mangwana:

The voters’ roll is a changing document. The commission has also been removing the deceased and adding new voters. We removed around 26 000 and 47 000 at some point.

As usual, ZEC will definitely consider another registration blitz. We really feel for the rural community because they’re very far away from our offices.

But people have to wait and hear from the commission. We will share our plan towards 2023.

The low number of registered voters may be a course of concern to the country’s two biggest political parties, ZANU PF and CCC, who are targetting five million and six million new voters, respectively, for the 2023 elections.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network said that ZEC should devise strategies to encourage young people to register to vote as they constitute the majority of the population.

Here is the number of voters by province:

1 Bulawayo Metropolitan – (Female Voters: 144,020), (Male Voters: 126,894), (Total Voters: 270,914)

2 Harare Metropolitan – (Female Voters: 480,277), (Male Voters: 472,243), (Total Voters: 952,520)

3 Manicaland – (Female Voters: 417,575), (Male Voters: 321,052), (Total Voters: 738,627)

4 Mashonaland Central – (Female Voters: 282,185), (Male Voters: 254,265), (Total Voters: 536,450)

5 Mashonaland East – (Female Voters: 347,852), (Male Voters: 293,849), (Total Voters: 641,701)

6 Mashonaland West – (Female Voters: 334,272), (Male Voters: 327,126), (Total Voters: 661,398)

7 Masvingo – (Female Voters: 364,282), (Male Voters: 268,342), (Total Voters: 632,624)

8 Matabeleland North – (Female Voters: 191,214), (Male Voters: 149,191), (Total Voters: 340,405)

9 Matabeleland South – (Female Voters: 151,979), (Male Voters: 115,329), (Total Voters: 267,308)

10 Midlands (Female Voters: 410,455), (Male Voters: 352,573), (Total Voters: 763,028)

Ser Province Female Voters Male Voters Total Voters
1 Bulawayo Metropolitan 144,020 126,894 270,914
2 Harare Metropolitan 480,277 472,243 952,520
3 Manicaland 417,575 321,052 738,627
4 Mashonaland Central 282,185 254,265 536,450
5 Mashonaland East 347,852 293,849 641,701
6 Mashonaland West 334,272 327,126 661,398
7 Masvingo 364,282 268,342 632,624
8 Matabeleland North 191,214 149,191 340,405
9 Matabeleland South 151,979 115,329 267,308
10 Midlands 410,455 352,573 763,028
Grand Total 3,124,111 2,680,864 5,804,975
Percentage 53.82% 46.18% 100.00%

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bishu 1 month ago

% dze ma voters by gender dziri kuita total ye 99.9% saka 1% ndo wasingazivi gender yavo?

🙄 1 month ago

I don't see why ZEC must be coerced to do campaigns targeting young people to register. Ivo vega vechidiki chokwadi they aren't seeing the motivation to register and vote. Sometimes, l think we need more doses of the suffering kuti vechidiki vaite serious nefuture yavo. Otherwise, it is safe to say Pamberi neZanuPf.
Chokwadi, ZEC's doors are always open and we register such paltry numbers.
Hmmm l am begining to suspect ZEC does not rig elections. We undo ourselves

Observer 1 month ago

The problem here is that the elections are not free and fair so people are not motivated to register when elections are rigged.


The 2% difference of voters between 2018 and 2022 is very negligible. Truly speaking these figures are disappointing in reference to big political parties. There is a need to encourage youths to register to vote.

Youths who are politically conscious must not be persuaded to register to vote. They must know for themselves the importance of voting.

Some political parties are also to blame because they chase away other political parties from holding rallies at which they canvas for more registered voters.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

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