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"ZEC Taking Zimbabwe Back To Rhodesia"

Self-exiled former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi has said Statutory Instrument (SI) 144 of 2022 (1) has disenfranchised the poor.

On Friday, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) gazetted SI 144 of 2022 (1) on candidate nomination fees which will see an aspiring presidential candidate paying US$20 000.

An aspiring member of parliament will pay a candidate fee of US$1 000 while local authority and Senate aspiring candidates will now pay a sum of US$200.

The fees are payable in cash or at the prevailing official rate equivalent. Part of the regulations read:

It is hereby notified that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, in terms of section 192 of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13) has, with the approval of the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs made the following regulations: These regulations may be cited as the electoral (nomination of candidates) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 (1).

Posting on Twitter, Mzembi said ZEC is using money as a prequalification for citizens to vote or for aspiring candidates to be nominated as was the case during the Rhodesia era. Said Mzembi:

SI 144 of 2022 express boomerang to Rhodesia. The poor have been disenfranchised!

Ama 2000s going by monikers ED Believed this and that should read 1961 and 1970 electoral laws outlined here to understand WHY Money and Means should not be a prequalification for voting or being voted.

This is where we came from, don’t take us back @ZECzim.

Under the 1970 Rhodesian Constitution, European, Asian and mixed citizens had to be earning an annual income of 1,800 dollars or more for the past two years or immovable property worth 3,600 dollars or more, among other things to be eligible to vote.

Black Rhodesians were supposed to earn an annual income of 600 dollars or more for the two past years or immovable property worth 1,200 dollars or more, to be eligible to register as voters.

Meanwhile, ZEC also pegged at US$10 for an electronic copy of the voters’ roll with data on one polling station voters, US$15 for the ward level voters’ roll, US$50 for the constituency voters’ roll, US$150 for the provincial voters’ roll and US$200 for the national voters’ roll.

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Jandu 1 month ago

Chasara muchanzwa kuthi to cast a vote mu ballot box you need to pay $10 kkkkk

@fairchild 1 month ago


bvananguy 1 month ago

Mzembi must shut up.
he was part and parcel of the rot.

pm 1 month ago

what goes around comes around mzembi

Off topic 1 month ago

Guys anyone know a person who buys old gas cylinders ?

1 month ago

what goes around comes around mzembi


Those of you who read my comment on Statutory 144/2022 this morning still remember that I said Smith regime was better than our first and second administrations because Ian Douglas Smith segregated blacks from mainstream white politics.

ZANU PF first and second administrations are segregating poor blacks from elite blacks.

This is contrary to the ethics of the war of liberation. Today's elites are too gullible and corrupt. Today's second administration is engulfed with corruption.

Compare how Advocate Job Sikhala and Honourable Godfrey Sithole are wallowing in prison for demanding justice for the murdered Moreblessing Ali against how Mayor Wadyajena was granted piecemeal bail and whisked away from the public debate.

It was clear that Justice Mayor Wadyajena would temper with evidence if released too early, but the powers that be gave instructions to release him as soon as it was feasible.

As was expected, Wadyajena quickly arranged for the destruction of evidence by trying to hide some of his motor vehicles in South Africa. His fancy and expensive vehicles were intercepted at Beitbridge enroute to South Africa.

[ JOB 14 vs 1 READS:, Man born of woman is short lived and is full of troubles ].



Yours Truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Tyu 2 weeks ago

Sonboy ku**** kwako tym yauno wester uchinyora dai riri basa URI shasha chamisa akukupei uyu siyanai be ccc uite zveprivate lyf yako woita mari kwete kutaura nhamo dzako pa pindula

Stewtrip 1 month ago

@offtopic huya 0772602565 WhatsApp or txt


Der 1 month ago

Mzembi is quick to judge he once was part of the rot

Kinzhal missle 1 month ago

Musoro bhangu nganyarare...ingava nyika here inoita 23 presidential candidates

bhuru 1 month ago

ndiko kt nyika yakasununguka

Ras Tiraz 1 month ago

Its a good thing just like in the USA where presidential candidates have to have a certain amount of money in their bank accounts wc will be held in a trust account during their tenure.This ensures that people dont get into politics for money.

me 1 month ago

these guys are ****s

Jakudunya 1 month ago

@Tiraz...hakuna asingapindire politics mari. its a business on its own. akapindira kufadza vanhu ndiyani??
Whoever feels to contest must do so as long he geels so and has the elecorate at heart in return.

Gafa 1 month ago

Kkkkkk zvarwadzaka Mzembi ipopaya muchitonga naMugabe ndozvataingonzwa even now tirikungorwadziwa imi marwadziwa ipapa chete.2017-2022 aaah isu kubva 1980-2017-2022-hatitozivi vanofa rini varipo

ecoz . 1 month ago

Shasha yorwadziwa. He is the reason why we are in this mess. Former ministers and parliamentarians must apologize and shut up

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