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ZEC Says "The Voters' Roll Is Very Perfect" After Voters Verified Their Details

ZEC Says

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Wednesday claimed that the voters’ roll was “very perfect” after only 1% of registered voters verified their details.

Statistics released by ZEC yesterday and seen by NewsDay show that the turnout for the delimitation voters roll inspection was 50.03%, with 2 904 253 voters out of 5 804 497 registered voters confirming their details.

Of these, 789 967 (27.20%) physically visited polling stations to inspect their details and 2 114 286 (72.80%) used the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data service.

ZEC said it received 27 788 (0.96%) requests for corrections on name changes, spelling errors and addresses, among others.

The exercise ran from July 17 to 27.

ZEC spokesperson Jasper Mangwana told NewsDay that the few errors showed that the voters’ roll was perfect. He said:

27 788 queries came from the people that needed corrections. Some changed names and surnames, and some were just typo errors, which is 0,96%. It means that the voters’ roll is very perfect and there is no reason to continue to worry saying the voters roll is in shambles when the owners of the details have inspected them.

50,03% (turnout), that’s a huge number. If you’re the owner of information coming to inspect and you’re happy with it, it means that what the commission is doing is in compliance with the level of accuracy needed by a lot of people.

Meanwhile, opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim deputy secretary for elections Ellen Shiriyedenga said the public has not yet seen the updated delimitation voters roll and there is a potential under-registration of over two million eligible voters.

Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust (ZEAT) executive director Ignatius Sadziwa said the voter inspection turnout figures are far from pleasing despite a mobile searching platform which was hoped was going to ease the process.

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dispenser 2 months ago

let's register to vote .it is our obligation to determine our future . Most we complain but we don't participate . failure to take part is like yu are letting urself down .

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

@Dispenser. Tino Register kanganiko? You are preaching to the choir. Your target should be eligible new voters who recently turned 18 or those who will turn 18 before the 2023 elections. People who follow politics are generally registered to vote. Whilst people who don't take an interest in politics are generally unregistered. The opposition discourages eligible voters by constantly pratting that elections are rigged. Weak willed citizens will ask themselves; 'whats the point in registering & voting if the elections are already rigged?'. On the other hand Zanu PF frustrates voters by declaring that they cannot be removed from power. Sometimes ZEC is not the problem.

🤷 2 months ago

I have lost interest in this,once they get into power they forget who got them there and they start living luxurious lives. While the masses still anguish in poverty and lack of jobs.
check their relatives and friends and the close circles they have, they are the ones benefiting not everyone.
then why should I vote when I counting to see same things happening.

inspection officer 2 months ago

please Zec your work has been done, now pay the inspection officers as you promised. Pindula publicise this cheating by Zec, inspection officers have not been paid for their work, after using their own resources. Zec did not give them even a single bottle of water or food.

Puluzuzu 2 months ago

Ngavanyimwe. ZEC musazvipe kana tiki zvimaSpekshen Ofisa izvozvo. Ndizvo zvinobetsera ZANU kutibira maVhoti. Ngazvimboona kuti hupenyu huri kugwadza sezvatiri kuita..

inspection officer 2 months ago

Zec promised to pay the inspection officers prior to the commencement of the verification exercise but up to now they hvnt paid even a cent, and to make it worse the RTGS is losing value everyday,someone is pilfering public funds up there.

✍️ 2 months ago

You are a danda head, Chinembiri. You just rush to comment and insult. Inspection officer is addressing Zec and demanding accountability. With pole like you around forget about progress in this country. Read and understand before commenting and please we are tired of your **** comments on every headline.


Do not come here and tell us lies. Who appointed you to be the spokesperson of ZEC inspection officer. Usataure kwausina kuswera. Ziva zvekusura💨 nyemba.

Yours faithfully
William Sonboy Chinembiri


trymore 2 months ago

*265# is very ineffective

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Some wit, I think it was George Bernard Shaw said, There are 3 types of lies- lies damned lies and statistics.

The statistics given in my mind indicate that truly the Voters Roll is very perfect.

Very perfect for rigging.

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