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ZEC Revises Voter Registration Figures Following Public Outcry

ZEC Revises Voter Registration Figures Following Public Outcry

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has revised upwards the number of newly registered voters in 2021 after members of the public disputed its recent disclosure that only 2 000 people had registered to vote.

On Friday, ZEC released new statistics that showed that only 2 971 new voters were registered to vote countrywide, contrary to the 2 000 that the ZEC commissioner Jasper Mangwana announced last week Wednesday.

Various political parties and civic groups in the country have been encouraging new voters to register to vote ahead of the by-elections slated for early this year and the 2023 plebiscite.

In its latest statistics, ZEC said a total of 1 647 men were registered to vote against 1 324 women.

Harare had the highest number of registered voters (722) while Mashonaland Central province only has 15 new registered voters, the least among the 10 provinces in the country.

Non-governmental organisation programme dubbed Project Vote 263 claimed that it had facilitated the registration of 9 635 voters throughout the country last year. Project Vote 263 said in a statement released on Friday:

We have been engaging communities since March 2021, taking them through voter education.

After realising the concerns raised by the citizens of failing to easily access Zec centres in June we started to embark on the provision of transport and mobility services and until this date, we have been doing the best we can to help people reach out to Zec centres.

Members of the public reacted differently to the statistics released by ZEC, with some accusing the electoral body of misrepresenting figures.

Law expert and political analyst Alex Magaisa accused Zec of suppressing the electorate. Magaisa tweeted:

The real story is voter suppression by the election management body, @ZECzim. Unfortunately, some had fallen for the ruse, framing the issue outside ZEC and giving it wriggle room. They started with 2 000, then it rose to 2 900! Remember the furore over election results.

Women Academy for Leadership (Walpe) also accused ZEC of misrepresenting facts saying through its 2.2 million votes for women election campaign, it managed to get 175 women registered in Mutasa, Manicaland province from August to October last year, ZEC said only 117 women registered to vote in the whole of Manicaland province.

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Mboko 7 months ago

Zec,zrp,zna,zinara,ect....alll zanu pf bootlickers..

Wezhira 7 months ago

Zec operates under the instruction of Zanu pf,saka musavhunduka,nyange maResults e2023 elections vatova nawo chasara ku announcer zuva racho rasvika.

TimbersT 7 months ago

Vanotanga kutonyepa number yevanhu vakaregister kuvoter kokuzoti kana ava maresults pane chokwadi chatingatarisira here from these thugs hapana hapana

Mr ndhlumbi 7 months ago

ZEC seemed to be biased

Jonso 7 months ago

Zec matotanga ka kunyepa zvamakajaira ibvai henyu mess ne zanu pf madofo imbwa

🤨🤨 7 months ago

Bt still number iyo yavari ktaura iyo ummm varikunyepa avo

Fman 7 months ago

Zanu is a sister party of zec they come from one mother one father only dates of birth differs

With what they're showing today what about 2023 they already have the results and even 2028 but from what they are doing God is seeing them

When malaba was returned to the office it is clear that they have to block every point the opposition party has to breathe

Do what you are doing for the last time


Baba Titie 7 months ago

Zec kusagona maths kana kt mweya wa Satan wakangokugarai sei musingatye mwari nhaimi?

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