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ZEC Fails To Pay Workers | Report

ZEC Fails To Pay Workers | Report

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is yet to pay its workers who conducted the voters’ roll inspection and education exercises between 17 and 26 July.

ZEC spokesperson Jasper Mangwana could neither confirm nor deny the report when he was reached for comment by NewsDay. He said:

Can you be a bit patient, I am not in the office right now. I will only be able to give you the correct information tomorrow (today).

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust spokesperson Ignatious Sadziwa said that ZEC received $83 million for the two exercises and therefore has no justification for not paying its workers.

He added that ZEC’s failure to pay its workers may compromise the quality of election outcomes. Said Sadziwa:

ZEC officials, who were hired to conduct voter inspection and education exercises recently, are yet to receive their two-week allowances.

This is against (the) backdrop that the commission received a budget of $83m for the two exercises.

Funding elections is very critical in any democracy. This has a propensity of compromising the quality of election outcomes.

We spoke to people who were affected and they said they were not told how much they were going to be paid and which rate would be used to pay them.

They were just told to sign up the contracts. ZEC is using these people for free and this is so wrong.

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Maparamuro 1 month ago

Zec and zimstat same whatsapp group and the poor civil servant still fight for opportunities to be in these exercises knowing they won't be paid well.
The system has created a situation where people fight for crumbs under the table

Terraces watch 1 month ago

Izec it's a gvt Dept Mina ngisebenzeli diamond mine imurowa for one of of amaco tract companies asibhadhalwa thina over 3 months now iUSA lethu dololo

User 1 month ago

No rigging

Hahahaha 1 month ago


Amos 1 month ago

im one of them .sathenjiswa ukuthi imali sizayiphiwa siqeda umsebenzi .lakhathes zero

ZEC 1 month ago

imali sizalipha simelele ukuthi ithi uku luza i value kancane ukuthi lanxa seliyithola ingalisebenzeli zbunu zenu

Gwedu 1 month ago

Mthuli Ncube once to release that money as campaigning strategy. Nonsense!!

Tiki 1 month ago

anyone angaitewo idea frm Harare to Nyabira kungaite marii

lolo 1 month ago



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