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ZEC Fails To Condemn Threats Of Violence Against Chamisa

ZEC Fails To Condemn Threats Of Violence Against Chamisa

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has failed to condemn threats of political violence that were issued by members of ZANU PF against CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa and his family.

In a video recording that went viral, ZANU PF’s Abton Mashayanyika said Chamisa and his children must be killed.

Responding to questions at a press conference held at the Commission’s headquarters on Friday, ZEC spokesperson Jasper Mangwana said they were not aware of the video.

He added that ZEC had no jurisdiction in matters that involve political opponents issuing threats of violence. Mangwana said:

First of all, that video has not been brought to the attention of the commission. I think that is an issue that has to be dealt with by the republic police.

For us to say this or that would definitely not be following what we call due process because whatever allegation has come, it has to be reported, it has to be investigated, court processes have to go through and something has to be done.

We, as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, cannot comment on such speculation because it has not been brought to our attention, even by the stakeholders that are involved, so for us to comment, we will definitely not give you a correct answer.

Members of the opposition have demanded that Mashayanyika be arrested for issuing the threats.

CCC MP Job Sikhala is currently jailed at Chikurubi Maximum Prison on allegations of inciting violence after he purportedly posted a video condemning the murder of CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali.


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factos 1 month ago

in English translation
lost cattle

😂 😂 😂 1 month ago

😂 Like the police, we at ZEC, are not here to play fair 😂 so stop those tears 😭

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

There can never be peace without justice...

Kacha Kacha 1 month ago


c 1 month ago

ngavamusungeo coz skahla arimukat

1 month ago

Mashayanyika ndaona wazozviendesa kuExile in a near future, zvimwe hazvizodi kuita sekuti zano mukadzi wako...

Monkeypox 1 month ago

See nothing, Hear nothing, Say nothing. 🙊 🙊 🙊.


Putin 1 month ago

Zanoids thinks this country is for them alone.... Ok we will see come 2023... Tirikunyora mazita

Mukadota 1 month ago


bhangu 1 month ago

ts not fair hamunyari here zviripachena munozozvinyanya venyu havasungwi paitwa mathreats morambazve

bhangu 1 month ago

ts not fair hamunyari here zviripachena munozozvinyanya venyu havasungwi paitwa mathreats morambazve

Nahoreka 1 month ago

@zec may fail to condemn zanu thuggery and fouls, but we the pple of zimbabwe will condemn and dismiss this murderous regime to the fullest. We shall never stop saying and speaking up....tiri kutongwa nembavha muno.

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

My fellow Pindula ZEC has no jurisdiction when it comes to such issue ,its mandate is to rig elections kkkkk

zimciizen 1 month ago

Jenerari ndiye ari pa forefront pezveumhondi uhu. Its a Zanuod DNA.

Muntuza 1 month ago

Zec is a Zanu pf handled entity they cannot dare utter a word against Zanu pf lest they lose their meal. Zim is really in a fix, to overcome lets vote overwhelmingly for this young man Chamisa , he has a vibrant think tank to turn around our fortunes.

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Jasper hakuna chisingaperi

Yellow 1 month ago

Tingahukura zvedu sekutaura kwezanu pf but muchenjere kuti rimwe zuva muchazohukurwawo imwi Mwari ndewemunhu wese, zvakare hapana chisingaperi

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