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ZEC Commences Delimitation Exercise

ZEC Commences Delimitation Exercise

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) closed the voters’ roll on Monday to pave way for the delimitation exercise that commences on Wednesday, 1 June 2022.

Delimitation of constituency boundaries is done every 10 years on a date set by ZEC.

The exercise is done soon after a national population and housing census. The last census was carried out in late April and spilt into early May this year.

ZEC spokesperson commissioner Jasper Mangwana said the delimitation exercise will be based on those who had registered as voters by 30 June. Mangwana said:

The ones who have registered to vote until yesterday are the ones who are going to constitute the voters roll to be used for the delimitation exercise.

However, voter registration will still continue at the 73 ZEC offices throughout the country, and the voters’ roll will be open for other electoral activities.

The delimitation exercise will divide constituencies, wards and other electoral boundaries. Mangwana said there would be no gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering is the manipulation of electoral boundaries so as to favour one party or class. Said Mangwana:

We have already started delimitation activities such as stakeholder engagement and sharing the legal frameworks and processes to be done during this exercise.

It shall end in December 2022. We are going to use a lot of information from the population census including developments like new settlements, population growth and other factors.

Delimitation is not a one-sided process, we shall use data from other sources as well.

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

Ini ziiiii zvangu, vakomana vemagirazi matema vangandisome.

Ndipo panitangira nzimbe nemadomasi kuvhota ipapa. Chigumba kani maiweeeeee 😡😡😡

Sekuru waBona 1 month ago

@machiavelli asi ukunetswa here ukuitwa sei

Mwakusha 1 month ago

NDOPANE Ereksheni rese ipapa

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Delimitation is largely controlled by outcome from the Census not voters roll. So we should have the Census results per Province, District and Wards first and then we move Delimitation. This putting the cart before the horse. Gerrymandering has already started.

Vote for Chamisa. Vote for CCC

Asalif 1 month ago

that is what I know uyu Chigumba uyu how old is she from what I know that is how it works this is my fifth census since I was born


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I hope Zimbabweans will allow ZEC to do its work without outside disturbances or influences. Former High Court judge, Advocate Pricilla Chigumba is now experienced in her job and citizens look forward to seeing good job from her this time around. Delimitation is mostly based on number of people who registered to vote in any area and normally not on the number of people who live in that area. Some constituencies will be made smaller or bigger in size depending on the figures of people who registered to vote.




Sekuy waBona 1 month ago

@chawabvunza get your facts right

delimitation is done after census not on the number of voters

census shows the number of people per area resulting in planning and distribution of resources

get your facts right

Asalif 1 month ago

it's determined by number of households per Ward and constituency baba it's not determined by number of registered voters what if I'm a tenant next election I will be in another ward or constituency ? that is why it is determined by households because certain development would have happened after 10 years , on your imagination how many houses would have been built in 10 years per respective constituency

Asalif 1 month ago

delimitation exercise tisati tanzwa results of the population census numbers per province hakuziko kuba here uku

Cde Mazoe 1 month ago


Mwakusha 1 month ago


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